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Kids enjoying less screen time, more swimming pool time
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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Less Screen Time, More Swimming Pool Time

Years ago, when kids were out of school they would go outside and play with the neighbors. If you suggested that to your kid today, they may give you that classic “Seriously?” look, while glancing up from their electronic device — whether it be a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or something else. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, “children ages 8-12 in the United States spend 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens, and teens spend up to 9 hours.” When was the last time your teen got 9 hours of sleep? We have a solution that will help your kids get off their phones for a while: Less screen time, more swimming pool time.

The Best Way to Get Kids Off Their Phones

Swimming is truly the best way to get kids away from their screens. Swimming pools are a death trap for electronic devices, but they’re also a lot of fun for all ages. So, when you ask your kids if they want to swim (or better yet, if they want a pool in their backyard), the answer will be a resounding “Yes!” This is true even if it means they have to leave their phones inside.

Some Unintentional Exercise

Swimming is one of the best forms of low-impact exercise. The buoyancy of the water helps take pressure off your body and make it feel lighter, but the resistance makes your muscles work harder at the same time. This is true even if they’re not actually swimming and just playing pool games. So, when your kids are having fun in the swimming pool, they’re getting some great exercise in — even if it’s unintentional.

A Bit of Quality Family Time

When was the last time you had some quality family time without electronics? Now, when was the last time without people complaining about no electronics or sneaking them in anyway? Swimming pool time is a great way to get everyone off of their screens without complaining and without sneaking a peak under the dinner table. Whether you’re playing games or just relaxing in the water, swimming gives you a great chance to catch up without any distractions.

Getting Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting your kids to go to bed isn’t an easy task, no matter how old they are. Even if your teenagers don’t throw a tantrum like your toddler, they still won’t want to go to bed at a decent time. But, no matter the age, a swimming pool is a great way to get your kids ready for sleep. When you spend time in the swimming pool, especially when it’s hot outside, it wears you out! After spending some time in your pool, all of your kids (from toddlers to teens), will be ready to call it a night.

The best way to get less screen time and more swimming pool time is to have a swimming pool in your backyard. At The Pool People, we can help you pick the perfect pool for your backyard. Contact us today or stop by one of our locations to learn more. An endless summer of less screen time will bring the whole family together again.

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