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I am very interested in a hot tub, but I am concerned about my children climbing on the closed cover and falling through. Do you have any safer options that can help bring me peace of mind?

Absolutely! At The Pool People, we offer several safety options for hot tub and swim spa covers. We carry traditional options with reinforced steel for added safety, new spas with hardcovers, and automated gazebo covers that secure your hot tub or swim spa when not in use. Call us or stop by in-store to find the new or replacement option that is right for you.


Do you offer delivery of my hot tub, swim spa or pool?

Yes! Delivery for your purchase is available within a 50 mile radius of The Pool People location that you purchased from. Depending on your purchase, delivery fees may apply. Ask about our significant delivery fee discount with qualified social media review.


Can I hire The Pool People for land clearing and leveling, concrete, decking, electrical or plumbing for a hot tub, swim spa, or backyard pool?

Although The Pool People do not have on-staff contractors or installers for yard excavation, concrete, decking, electrical or plumbing for your hot tub, swim spa, or pool purchase, we are happy to connect you with those who can perform this work for you. After purchase, please request our list of area contractors.


I was thinking about buying a hot tub online. But now I’m nervous that if something goes wrong, I won’t have the service I need. What should I do?

You are right to be nervous. The fact is, when buying a new or used hot tub online from a third-party seller, you truly have no idea what quality… or what problems… you are inheriting. When you purchase from a reputable dealer, not only will you be able to test the product you are purchasing, you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions, make sure it has the amenities you need, and be able to depend on highly-trained service when maintenance or repair issues arise.


Where can I find information on the health benefits of hydrotherapy for the hot tub brands you carry?

The benefits of warm water hydrotherapy are endless. Our blog is a great resource for you as you research the different models and brands that we offer. You can also call one of our dedicated staff members. They will be happy to assist you in providing the best information on the specific hot tub that meets all of your wants and needs.


After I purchase my swimming pool, do you have an installer who will set it up for me?

At this time, The Pool People do not have an on-staff installer for above-ground, on-ground, or semi-in-ground pools. However, after your pool purchase, we are happy to provide you with a list of contractors who might be a valuable resource to you if you are looking to hire an installer.


Why do you recommend buying quality pool and spa water care? Can’t I just get products online or at a big box store?


Once you own a pool or hot tub, you need the best you can get in pool and spa chemicals. Beware the cheap pool and hot tub chemicals sold online and in the big box stores. Why are they cheaper? Because those products are more water than actual active ingredients. It takes more quantity of cheap chemicals to produce the results you get from quality pool and spa chemicals like BAQUACIL®, poolife®, BAQUA Spa®, and other high-quality pool and hot tub chemicals. Trust us, you don’t save money by using the cheap stuff. In the end, it can cost you more in professional chemical correction and repairs than it’s worth.


Do you have coupons or special savings?

The Pool People often have sales, rebates or special opportunities available to save you money on the best in home amenities and recreation. To keep up-to-date on all the latest deals and offers, sign up for our VIP club, check the Specials page on our website, and follow us on Facebook. Also, ask us about our referral program, as well as discounts for hot tub and pool table delivery and setup with qualified social media review.

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