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Landscaping Tips for Your Above-Ground Pool

Springtime is here at long last! Fresh grass is popping up all around. The sun is shining a little brighter, asking us to come and bask in its rays. But with all this new green springing forth from the ground, a clear meadow can quickly become an overgrown jungle in your backyard. Is it time to get your patio area into shape for spring after a long winter of hibernation? You already let Juniper open your pool for the new season. So what now? Let us bring you some handy landscaping tips for your above-ground pool. Check out our tips, and turn your pool area from jungle to verdant spa oasis!

Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Tip #1: Back that Grass Up

Separating your lawn with pebbles is one of several great landscaping tips for your above ground pool.

Surrounding your above-ground pool with greenery is the perfect way to make your pool area a relaxing oasis. However, keeping your backyard grass growing all the way to the pool wall is more difficult to maintain than you might realize. Trimming grass against the pool wall risks damaging the wall with mowing and landscaping equipment. Consider creating a barrier between your pool and the rest of your lawn with pebbles or mulch.

With endless options of landscaping pebbles to choose from, you can customize the look however you want. Try all white stones for a clean and classy look. Try a mix of shapes and colors for a more vibrant and fun look. Or, choose mulch or muted-tone pebbles in matching colors to make colorful plants pop. Follow your every aesthetic whim and create the patio oasis of your dreams!

Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Tip #2: Choose Variety

Creating visual variety with boulders and plants is one of several great landscaping tips for your above ground pool.

When considering all the landscaping tips for your above-ground pool that are floating out in the internet sphere, place this one at the top of your list. It is worthwhile to choose a variety of shapes, textures, and materials to landscape the area around your above-ground pool. This will make the area visually stimulating and exciting.

Boulders and rocks remind you of distant springs at the base of a rocky waterfall. Evergreen plants ensure your oasis is green and inviting even in the coldest months. You can also place planters around the pool and patio area to fill with whatever potted flowers or plants suit your fancy. Planters allow you to remove potted plants and store them inside to protect them from harsh weather when necessary.

Make a path between the house and the pool with pavement or stepping stones to keep grass off your wet feet and out of the pool. You can even throw in a statue or water fixture for a secret garden fantasy! Place taller plants and trees for privacy around your pool to create a special getaway. Make sure you don’t impede pool visibility from your own house for pool safety. 

Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Tip #3: Get Rid of It All

Throw these landscaping tips for your above ground pool out the window and create a deck around your pool instead.

If you are reading these landscaping tips for your above-ground pool and thinking to yourself, “Nature? Not my thing,” then consider this option. You can have your perfect pool area and skip the landscaping entirely with a deck around your above-ground pool. Build your deck as a bridge between your patio and pool, and turn your above-ground pool into an inground look. Place a deck around the entire pool like an island and have lots of room for laying out in the sun. Plants and fun pool décor make for perfect deck adornments.

When it comes time to landscape your above-ground pool this spring, indulge your every fantasy and create the pool area you’ve always wanted. Contact Wisconsin’s premier pool and spa dealer and see how Juniper’s selection of pools, décor, and patio furniture can turn your backyard into your favorite part of home.

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