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Ladies Night Out in a Swim Spa
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Ladies’ Night in a Swim Spa

Having an evening out with the girls is always a welcomed opportunity! You get to let down your hair, laugh until your breathless, catch up on all the latest gossip, and enjoy the company of your favorite gal pals. You’ve done movie nights, game nights, shopping sprees, and dinner gatherings. Those are all great ways to spend time with your friends, but have you thought about how much fun Ladies’ Night in a swim spa could be? Instead of Girls’ Night Out it’s Ladies’ Night In!

Why a swim spa?

A swim spa offers the perfect environment for your friends to feel relaxed and refreshed. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to enjoy a spa night at home! A swim spa gives you and your friends a chance to model the latest in swimsuit fashion, talk about the latest news, and relax those muscles that are tired from a week of work or chasing after the kids. 

You can make the ordinary exciting using a swim spa. Stream your favorite movies or grab a deck of waterproof cards and play your favorite games as you and your friends enjoy all the amazing features found in a swim spa. 

And speaking of amazing features, a dual-temperature swim spa will delight everyone. In the swim section of the pool, you can keep it a refreshing yet comfortable 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the current mild and you have an area for your friends to float, splash, or try out some of the features in the swim portion of the spa. Then of course there’s the hydrotherapy spa section with all those amazing jets! Set the temperature between 102-104 degrees Fahrenheit and you have the perfect temperature to relax both body and mind. By being able to go back and forth between the two areas, you and your friends will be able to spend as much time as you comfortably want!

Use Your Senses for the Ultimate Swim Spa Ladies’ Night

Want your swim spa party to be a success that leaves all your friends raving for weeks about how perfect it was? Incorporate the 5 senses into your planning and you’re sure to be the hostess of the year!

Sense of SightCandles around the patio furniture, perhaps a lit fire table, specific places for towels and cover-ups, and fabulous lighting set on your swim spa will make everything inviting.   

Sense of SoundNothing is more soothing, relaxing, and inviting than the sound of moving water. Waterfall features and bubbling jets are always a welcome sound. Additionally, add some music in the background and you’ve got a festive, welcoming atmosphere.

Sense of SmellScented candles around the patio and aromatherapy blends that are approved for use in a spa are always great options. 

Sense of TasteFinger foods are perfect for hot tub snacking. Throw in some chocolate covered strawberries and other fruits. If you have a fire table you can have a s’mores making station. Make sure you have water and juices available for drinking in the spa since hydration is always important. Also, use plastic glasses and plates to avoid broken glass. Save any fork and spoon foods for outside the tub.

Sense of TouchMake sure you set your dual temperatures correctly. You want your guests to feel relaxed and refreshed. You also want them to be able to stay in the swim spa for an extended amount of time. Make sure your spa area is not too hot or too cold 

Owning a swim spa is an excellent way to meet health and wellness goals for yourself and your family, as well as provide a unique opportunity to entertain your friends. Don’t wait! Come into Juniper today, and take a look at our fabulous swim spas. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will answer your questions. Soon you can be on the way to owning a swim spa for yourself.


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