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Work Out with Friends in a Swim Spa

The kids are about to start school again. Soccer practice and piano lessons will be picking up, and you’ll be running every which way. Every once in a while, you’re going to need a break, and your friends are, too. Gather the gang together to work out with friends in a swim spa.

Have Fun with Fitness

When you’re so busy running all over town, it can feel like you’re getting a workout. But, you never seem to have time for actual exercise. With a swim spa, you can turn ladies’ night into a workout. Grab some of your best friends and your favorite music. Turn on the jets and get dancing! You can do a water aerobics workout or Aqua Zumba®. Or, just make up your own dance moves and have some fun with it. 

Your swim spa is one of the best places for a workout, especially with a group. The buoyancy of the water makes any workout you do low impact, which means pretty much all of your friends should be able to participate. Plus, the resistance of the water adds a fun challenge to the workout. It also allows everyone to make the workout their own preferred level of difficulty. Is there any better way to have enjoy exercise?

Settle Down in the Swim Spa

Once your fun workout is over, you don’t have to go anywhere to cool down. Instead, you can finish the night with a relaxing spa night. A swim spa is the perfect combination of a swimming pool and a hot tub. It’s bigger than a hot tub, but not quite as big as a pool. Relish all of the places to sit and the warmth like in a hot tub. You’ll also have the space for you and all of your friends to hang out and relax for a while.

Bring in All the Benefits

Ladies’ night in a swim spa has so many benefits. Not only will you get the girl time you all so desperately need, but you’ll get all of the benefits of the swim spa. We already mentioned the low-impact, high-resistance benefits of a swim spa workout. But, you’ll also get more benefits. For example, spending time in the swim spa releases endorphins, helping relieve stress. (Plus, talking to your best friends will help with that, too.) In addition, spending time in the swim spa at night helps get your body and mind ready to sleep. Your workout will get your body worn out. Relaxing and talking through your anxieties will help keep you from staying up all night. And, the transition from warm water to cold air sends signals to your brain to start getting ready to sleep. You’ll sleep like a baby all night.

If you’re ready to host ladies’ night in a swim spa, but don’t have a swim spa yet, head on over to The Pool People. Our team will help you pick the perfect fit for your swim spa goals.

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