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Kit with Everything I Need to Open my Pool This Spring
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Where Can I Get a Kit with Everything I Need to Open My Pool This Spring?

Spring is finally here in Wisconsin, which means it’s time to start planning your pool opening for the season. Swim season is almost upon us! You’re excited about swimming, but not so much about opening your pool. But that’s okay, we make it easy for you. If you are asking, “Where can I get a kit with everything I need to open my pool this spring?”, we are here to tell you that you can find pool opening supplies right here at Juniper. 

Below is a list of a few of the products we have to create a DIY pool opening kit with everything you need to open your above ground or inground pool this spring. You can scroll down for a complete list of the chemicals you need, but when you choose your products, make sure you consider what type of cleaning system you have and how many gallons of water your pool holds.

Pick a Pool Opening Kit for Your Cleaning System (Chlorine, Saltwater, etc.)

Chlorine is by far the most common type of pool sanitation system for both above ground and inground pools in Wisconsin. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that your needs will be different if you have a saltwater, bromine, UV, or other pool sanitation system. We’ve listed the products below that you’ll need for a comprehensive DIY pool opening kit for chlorine, but we can help you with saltwater and other systems, as well. Please contact your Juniper water care specialists at (920) 739-9522 if you need customized assistance.

Know the Number of Gallons Your Pool Holds

Most kits that contain everything you need for pool opening in Wisconsin are sold in sizes to accommodate the typical sizes of swimming pools. For instance, you’ll see the products marked as 10,000 gallons, 20,000 gallons, 30,000 gallons, and so on. It’s not always as simple as buying three times as much for a 30,000-gallon pool as you would for a 10,000-gallon pool, so please let us know if you need help calculating the amount of each product you need for your pool size.

Get the Chemicals for a DIY Kit with Everything You Need to Open Your Pool This Spring

To put together a complete kit with everything you need for opening your above ground or inground pool, get the correct amounts of each of these pool opening products:

  • Shock – this is a chlorine product that raises the amount of “free chlorine” in your pool. In other words, it ups the chlorine content so that there is more chlorine readily available to do the job.
  • Clarifier – clarifier causes contaminants in your pool water to clump together. This makes particles that are too small to be filtered out by the pool filter become bigger, so the filter is more effective at removing contaminants.
  • Algaecide – banish algae and stop slimy pool water.
  • Sequestrant – this is formulated to remove and prevent metal buildup that stains pool surfaces, such as iron and copper.
  • Test Strips – as soon as you get your pool water treated, you’ll need to test the water so you can immediately make any adjustments necessary.

At Juniper, it couldn’t be easier to get a kit with everything I need to open my pool this spring.

Clean & Crank Up the Pool!

Before you add any chemicals, start by clearing any debris that’s gathered around your pool. Just sweep or blow it all away, so that you don’t introduce more debris when you remove the cover. Then, clean the cover and remove any standing water, so that you aren’t inadvertently dropping any debris that’s collected there into your pool, making your opening more difficult. 

Next, use your skimmer, vacuum, brush, etc., to clean out the pool. Then, fill up the pool to normal operating level. Next, reconnect the pump and filtration system and make sure all of that is in proper working order. Refer to the owner’s manual for operating your pump and filtration system.

Now that the big work is done, it’s time to address water quality. Use the products listed above in the recommended amounts to get your water quality where it needs to be for swimming. Be sure to allow ample time for each chemical to do its work between adding products. Refer to your product labels for these instructions or give us a call at Juniper and let us help.

A Professional Kit with Everything You Need to Open Your Pool This Spring = Pool Opening Services from Juniper

So many of our Wisconsin pool owners prefer to simply let us open their pool! Juniper offers fantastic pool opening service to save you both time and effort in your spring pool opening. We can take care of everything for you, including chemicals and all other supplies. You can also choose to provide your own chemicals, or we can bring ours. If you would like to provide your own, just be sure to set them out for us when your pool opening is scheduled.

Everything You Need to Open Your Pool is Found at Juniper

Juniper can make your Wisconsin pool opening process simple, whether you own an inground or above ground pool. Not only do we stock all of the supplies you need, but we can also customize pool opening packages for you. We offer a ton of services in our pool opening packages. These include clearing of debris and pool vacuuming, leaf removal, water removal from cover, and so much more. With Juniper, you can have a successful spring pool opening each and every year!

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