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A TidalFit swim spa from Juniper Pools perfect for at-home kid-friendly swim lessons.
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Kid-Friendly Swim Lessons in a Swim Spa

Swimming and enjoying water is a quintessential joy of life on planet earth. Learning to swim is an important rite of passage as well as an essential safety skill for everyone to learn. When it comes time to teach your children to swim, there are many important things to consider in crafting the right swim plan. Did you know that you can provide your child with kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa right at home? Your TidalFit® swim spa from Juniper is the perfect spot to provide your child with the building blocks for a lifetime of swimming enjoyment.

Your Private Aquatic Classroom

Learning to swim and even just getting into the water can be daunting and frightening for kids approaching this skill for the first time. Children may feel nervous in a large group class. A sprawling public pool with daunting deep ends can make a child frightened to get in at all. However, bringing your child’s swim lessons home to your swim spa removes a thousand variables that could affect their experience. 

A swim spa is big enough to accommodate all the swim basics your child needs to learn. It is also small enough to be a controlled and safe atmosphere for your kid’s lessons. Your child will remain close enough to you or their swim instructor at all times. Therefore, a swimming space scaled down to your child’s comfort level will give them more confidence to learn and try. Less distractions, no comparisons, and freedom to learn at their own pace!

What is the best age to start kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa?

Now you know that you can introduce your child to the wonders of the water right in your backyard with a TidalFit swim spa. So, what age should your child be before you start swim lessons? According to Harvard Medical School, “Children don’t really have the cognitive skills to learn to swim until they are around 4 years old. They need to be able to listen, follow directions, and retain what they’ve learned, and that’s usually around 4 years old, with some kids being ready a little earlier.” That being said, Harvard also points out that children as young as one year old can benefit from infant swim lessons to teach them essential safety basics and confidence.

Pair the Perfect Swim Spa with the Perfect Swim Instructor

Whether you desire the experience of teaching your kids to swim yourself, or prefer the hand of a professional, it is important for safety purposes that your child’s swim instructor is appropriately trained and certified. When deciding on who should teach your child to swim, Harvard Medical School elaborates with this advice: “Parents should ask about how teachers are trained and evaluated, and whether it’s under the guidelines of an agency such as the Red Cross or the YMCA.”

Appleton Parks and Recreation provides some aquatic safety certification classes to Wisconsinites including lifeguarding, first aid, and CPR training. The Red Cross also provides swimming and water safety training.

Experts and advocates agree that all children should get swim lessons. Knowing how to swim gives children confidence and prepares them for water safety for the rest of their lives. Consider equipping your kids with this valuable and fun skill in your own backyard with a TidalFit swim spa from Juniper. Your kid could be launching off dry land with kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa in no time! Get in touch today for all your Appleton pool and spa needs.

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