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Too Much Chlorine in my Pool
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How Do I Know If There’s Too Much Chlorine in My Pool?

Smelling an overwhelming amount of chlorine in your backyard? Contrary to popular belief, that is not how you know there is too much chlorine in your pool. It likely means there is too little free chlorine. Chlorine has to break down before it gives off a smell. Smelling chlorine is when your chlorine combines with contaminants, forming chloramines that give off that indoor pool smell. So, if you are still wondering, “How do I know if there is too much chlorine in my pool?” these are four ways you can know if there is too much sanitizer. 

If your eyes burn, there is too much chlorine in your pool.

The first and most obvious sign is that your eyes burn or turn red while you are swimming. Too much chlorine will irritate your eyes. Our bodies maintain a delicate pH balance and chlorine can upset that easily. It is designed to kill any sort of bacteria or contaminant in the water. The ideal amount of chlorine is 1-3 parts per million (ppm). This allows other chemicals in your pool to work well. If your eyes are burning and irritated, it is time to check your chlorine levels. 

If you develop a rash, you may have too much chlorine in your pool.

This goes along with the previous tip. If too much chlorine can burn your eyes, it can also burn your skin. That same pH balance applies here, too. A rash or burn can develop just as quickly as irritated eyes, so if you or someone swimming with you notices a rash or burn, it’s time to do a chlorine check. Also, if you are finished swimming and develop any sort of skin irritation, you will need to check the chlorine levels in your pool. 

If your hair is extra dry or damaged after swimming, you may have too much chlorine in your pool.

Too much chlorine in your pool can also damage your hair. Reasonable amounts of chlorine should never impact your hair in a major way. While dry, damaged hair is not always an indicator, it is a good idea to check on your levels if your hair is feeling straw-like after a dip. 

Check the levels using testing strips.

The easiest way to know the chlorine level is to test the water! You can find test strips at most places that supply pool chemicals. You can simply take one out and dip it into your water and compare against the provided chart to know exactly where the levels of your pool stand. There will be easy-to-follow instructions on the box. Once you know which levels may need attention, you can make the proper adjustments to have your pool ready for swimming again. 

At Juniper, we offer a full range of water care products and the expertise needed to guide you in maintaining your beautiful backyard pool. We also offer services to help you care for your pool or spa year-round. Let us help you take the guesswork out of water care — giving you the free time to enjoy your pool this summer. 

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