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jump in the snow after a soak in the hot tub
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Is it Healthy to Jump Into the Snow After a Hot Tub Soak?

While soaking in your hot tub in the Wisconsin winter, you might wonder what would happen if you jumped into the snow. As you warm up nicely in your hot tub, it’s natural to want an invigorating way to cool off. With some health benefits to experiencing the hot and cold together, there are also some things to keep in mind. There are potential health benefits of laying in the snow after sitting in your hot tub. So, is it healthy to jump into the snow after a hot tub soak?

Heat Therapy

Before we talk about the benefits of cold shock therapy, let’s go over the benefits of a good hot tub soak on its own. According to Healthline, heat therapy can help restore, soothe, and release damaged or tense muscles and tissue. It can also improve blood circulation and flexibility. You probably know from experience how therapeutic some time in the warm water can be. But what are the potential benefits of cold shock therapy?

Cold Shock Therapy

Cold shock therapy, or contrast bath hydrotherapy, is gaining popularity. It suggests that immersing your body in hot and cold water in rapid succession can be beneficial. The effect on the body is a dramatic increase in blood pressure and stimulation to your nervous system. A brief dip in some cold water (or snow!) after your hot tub session can invigorate you, give you more energy, help relieve muscle soreness, and reduce swelling in inflamed areas.

Considerations for Cold Shock Therapy

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering jumping into the snow after your hot tub soak. The most important thing to consider is that extreme changes in body temperature cause a shock to your system. (That’s why they call it cold shock therapy.) For some people, this is exciting, but if it sounds unpleasant, it’s probably not for you. In regard to whether it is safe to jump from your hot tub into the snow, we recommend that you keep your time in the snow brief. If you have doubts about whether cold shock therapy in the snow would be healthy for you, please consult with your doctor.

Bottom Line

The advantages of both heat and cold therapy are numerous. If you would like to experience the benefits of heat therapy, Juniper has an incredible selection of high-quality hot tubs at a variety of price points. And if you would like to throw some cold shock therapy into the mix after your exceptional hot tub soak, Wisconsin is the perfect place during the winter. You can use the snow, a cold bath or shower, or a polar plunge in a cool pool.

Are you ready to bring home all of the benefits of cold and heat therapy? Head to Juniper for all your spa needs in the Appleton, Wisconsin, area. With hot tub brands like Artesian SpasTM, Viking SpasTM, Aspen Spas, and DreamMakerTM Spas, you have an incredible selection to choose from. We love to help you have the happiest and healthiest hot tub experience possible!

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