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water care for above ground pools makes for enjoyable swimming
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Is it Hard to Learn Water Care for Above Ground Pools?

You’re ready to take the plunge on an above ground pool, but you have one unanswered question: Is it hard to learn water care for above ground pools? Will it infringe on your pool enjoyment time?

The Short Answer: No!

It may seem daunting at first, but you’d be surprised just how simple water care for above ground pools is to learn. You really only need to know basic water balancing, have a few basic tools, and know who to call when you have questions.

Water Care for Above Ground Pools That You Can Do

Most water care can easily be done by yourself. Above ground pools are often much easier to maintain because they’re not as big or deep as other pools, and their equipment systems aren’t as complex. Many above ground pool owners DIY their water care.

Balancing Water Chemistry

Learning to balance pool water chemistry is probably the hardest part of water care, but even then, it’s not quite as complex as it sounds.

When balancing water chemistry, always test the water first with a test strip kit and try to test it at a minimum of once a week. This will tell you which chemicals you actually need to use.

You’ll need to keep some basic pool chemicals on hand, and to know what the ideal levels are.

  • A sanitizer, like chlorine or biguanide (1.0 to 4.0 ppm)
  • pH increaser/decreaser (7.4 pH level)
  • Alkalinity increaser (125 ppm)
  • Calcium hardness (175 ppm to 225 ppm)
  • Algaecide (kills and prevents algae from growing)

Tools that Make Water Care a Breeze

There are also tools that make water care for above ground pools even easier.

Pool Net or Skimmer

Removing loose debris out of the water, like leaves, twigs, and even bugs, keeps them from decomposing, disrupting the water chemistry, and allowing algae to grow. A great preventative tool for this is a pool net or skimmer. It’s a simple yet effective task and should be done daily for best results. 

Pool Cover

Another way to keep debris out of your above ground pool is by using a pool cover when not in use. A pool cover also prevents chemicals from evaporating in the sun, which extends your pool chemistry balance for longer periods of time.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

While a pool skimmer gets a lot of surface debris, it doesn’t get it all. Rather than manually scrubbing and vacuuming the pool yourself, consider investing in a robotic pool cleaner. These innovative little machines are programmed to travel to every nook and cranny of your pool to suck up any remaining dirt that you can’t reach with a pool skimmer. This keeps your pool’s filter and water chemistry from working overtime to keep the water clean.

When It’s Time to Call a Pool Professional

While most water care is easy to learn, there are still a few learning curves. There may be times when you’ll need to reach out to a pool professional for assistance. And that’s normal! 

If you have any questions about water chemistry, call your Juniper water care professional for guidance. We can show you how to read and analyze your water test kit results and determine which chemicals you need and how to use them. Or if you need to stock up on chemicals and other water care supplies, our expert staff can suggest the best tools for the job.

And if there’s anything beyond what you feel comfortable doing yourself, such as pool opening or closing services, you can always request service from a trusted Juniper technician.

Your Source for Water Care for Above Ground Pools

At Juniper, we’re more than happy to help you learn water care for above ground pools. We’ll recommend all of the pool chemicals and tools you’ll need to get it right. We also offer pool opening and closing packages in Appleton, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

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