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A sleek, modern billiard table sits as the focal point of the ultimate guys' hangout man cave.
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How to Turn Your Man Cave into the Ultimate Guys’ Hangout

If we’re all honest, having the ultimate guys’ hangout is every man’s dream. In the perfect environment, there’s no end to the rowdy, riotous fun. That perfect environment is your man cave turned ultimate guys’ hangout. 

You and your friends can have the best bonding experience, and all of that can happen at your place. How can you make that happen? With a little help from our expert team at Juniper, you’ll know exactly how to turn your man cave into the ultimate guys’ hangout. 

Dart Board Central

A red and black dart board is in sharp focus with three yellow darts sitting in the center bull's eye.
Hit the bull’s eye with a great dart board for your ultimate guys’ hangout.

When it comes to turning your man cave into the ultimate guys’ hangout, it can be easy to get lost in the details, but there’s no need to do that. Our Juniper team is skilled in guiding you to the perfect fun, man-friendly components to curate your perfect entertainment environment.

One excellent place to start is with your walls and decor. And what better way to kill two birds with one stone than with a state-of-the-art, ultimate dart board addition? 

Because we all know that a good guys’ hangout is not complete without every opportunity for a little dangerous competition… we’re just kidding. Darts are mostly safe. 

Once you’ve chosen your perfect dart board from our excellent Wisconsin team at Juniper, you can challenge your friends to any one of the many dart games, including those that you may not even know about yet. And nothing keeps you and your bros on your toes like a new and exciting dart game. 

The Ultimate Guys’ Hangout Arcade Extravaganza 

A bubble hockey arcade game features red and blue players on a white field. The game is perfect for the ultimate guys' hangout.
Bring in some old-school games for your ultimate guys’ hangout.

Once you’ve found your ultimate dart board, we think it’s only natural that you should dedicate at least one corner of your ultimate guys’ hangout to your favorite arcade games. When it comes to arcade game options, Juniper’s got them. We’ve got bubble hockey, foosball, pinball, ping-pong, shuffleboard, and even skeeball. 

There’s something for you and each and every one of your friends. So don’t stop at just your favorite. For the ultimate guys’ hangout, you should absolutely include a variety of games. 

The thing about old-school arcade games is that you get to engage your mind and your friends while you play. No more sitting around staring at your phones, not really doing anything. Start up a friendly competition and see who can get the top score while you drum up all the nostalgia and play your favorite arcade game from the past.

It’s also an opportunity to invest that love of real-live arcade games into the next generation. That is if you ever invite your kids into your ultimate guys’ hangout. 

Big Boys’ Billiards

A classically beautiful billiard table displays all of the accessories in a highly functional pull out drawer.
Choose the best billiard table for your hangout.

Moving on, as we transform your man cave into the ultimate guys’ hangout, dare we say that no man cave is complete without a billiard table? We will dare. The ultimate man cave would not be complete without the ultimate man’s game. 

Billards is the classic gentleman’s game that allows you to beat your friends with sticks, just maybe not in the way you might like to. And while it does take some skill, learning is half the fun. Within a short period of time, you’ll be racking your balls and taking your cue like you’re a pro. 

Luckily for you, our Wisconsin family fun experts at Juniper are very likely to have the exact model and style of billiard table you’re looking for. 

We carry all the major brands from Brunswick™ to Plank & Hide Co.™ among others which means that we’ve got a style to fit your space and all the pool table accessories you could ever need

Your billiard table is very likely to be the centerpiece of your ultimate man cave. So, you need to love it. You need to imagine yourself as the billiard king you can be. So give yourself the time and space to pick the very best billiard table for your space and your personality. 

Then get that thing installed so you can start ruling your ultimate guys’ hangout with all the confidence in the world. 

How About a Hot Tub?

A man relaxes and unwinds in the perfect addition to any man's hangout, a hot tub.
A hot tub is the perfect addition to your guys’ hangout.

Now we have one more suggestion, and it’s a big one. But this is definitely an article about how to turn your man cave into the ultimate guys’ hangout, and what is more ultimate than a hot tub? Not much. 

So you should consider finishing out your ultimate guys’ hangout design with the ultimate hot tub of your dreams. That way, you can end all of your guys’ hangouts relaxing together and let the stress of all that competition melt away. 

Now it is possible to install a hot tub indoors, so when we say you should consider adding a hot tub to your man cave, we’re serious. But it does take extra considerations on the installation, so keep that in mind. 

It’s also possible that your man cave space already has an outdoor patio area, so that’s also a possible space for your hot tub. And we would definitely count that as part of your ultimate guys’ hangout.  

Here at Juniper, you also have the option for amazing hot tub enclosures, so you can get exactly what you need for the space availability you have. 

The Ultimate Guys’ Hangout

A beautifully crafted shuffle board shows all of it implements in sharp detail including a natural wood base board.
You can build the ultimate guys’ hangout with a little help from our team at Juniper.

So take a moment to imagine the perfect guys’ night at your place in the ultimate guys’ hangout. You guys start with some beverages and an easy game of darts. Move on to the arcade games for a little more friendly competition. 

Take some time out to grill out and savor some amazing dinner. And then enjoy an excellent billiards game once everyone is filled up. As the competition winds down and the evening draws to a close, everyone ends the night in your ultimate hot tub, soaking away the day. 

Nothing says bonding and freedom like a night of games and fun.

Juniper is Your Wisconsin Family Fun Headquarters

Now that you’ve got a clear picture of what the ultimate guys’ hangout looks like, it’s time to make that vision a reality. All you need to do is contact our team or visit our store location in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

We’re standing by waiting to help you create the ultimate man cave and the prime environment for male bonding at its finest. We’ll make you the proud owner of the ultimate guys’ hangout in the blink of an eye. 

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