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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

How to Turn a Shed into a Playhouse For Kids

At The Pool People, we offer sheds from the Old Hickory Buildings brand, and, though they make for an excellent backyard shed, you can also turn a shed into a playhouse with our outdoor buildings!

But you’re probably wondering how exactly to turn a shed into a playhouse. What can you do to make sure the structure is fun and safe for kids? Using the playhouse or deluxe playhouse shed option from the Old Hickory Buildings brand is a great starting point for your shed-turned-playhouse dreams.

These sheds are spacious and include porches as well as windows to ensure the playhouse has some natural light. They’re already constructed to be safe, so now you just have to figure out what to add to turn the shed into a playhouse suitable for your kids.

Decorating and Designing the Shed

You definitely want to go all out with your shed so that your kids find a fun place to hang out and play in and around. Since Old Hickory Buildings are made of wood, you could paint the shed a bright color that your kids will love (either inside or out). Paint your kids’ favorite colors or even add some cool designs. Polka dots or stripes will definitely show that the shed is a fun playhouse for the kids to enjoy.

Don’t stop with just the outside though, the inside should also have an adventurous design. You can decorate the inside based on a theme like a restaurant or jungle and fill it with toys to match. Bring in a little kitchen set where your kids can pretend to have a restaurant or play house. A small table and chairs with crayons and art supplies would be fun. Open the window to make a drive thru for siblings and friends who want to place their pretend order while riding through the drive thru on their bikes. Or, maybe buy some fake plants and animals for a jungle or woodland theme.

Have some fun and design the whole shed–indoors and outdoors–around a theme. The creative options are endless when designing your backyard shed to become a playhouse.

Turn a Shed into a Playhouse with Fun Add-Ons

Aside from just the design, you can add some additional play items to your shed to give the kids even more enjoyment. How about a dress up area with costumes and a mirror? Other options to add on to the outside include a climbing wall. Hammock swings are also fantastic to add to the porch.

If you’re thinking more along the lines of interior add-ons, you could make a little loft and stairs for the kids. Another option is to add a reading nook in the shed/playhouse and maybe even a little desk for them to sit at and do schoolwork or color. A loft area with a reading nook and seating is perfect for rainy or cool days.

There are lots of ways to enhance your playhouse, and since you’re already putting in the effort to convert a shed into a playhouse, you might as well go all out.

Visit The Pool People

The Pool People offers several Old Hickory Building backyard sheds for you to choose from for your playhouse project. Additionally, we also offer outdoor items such as hammocks and patio furniture that you can use for your playhouse. Plus, we have several games that would be so much fun for kids. Foosball, anyone?

The Pool People’s helpful associates would be happy to assist you with items and ideas for your outdoor shed turned playhouse. We have four locations around Wisconsin for you to visit, including stores in Schofield, Stevens Point, and Rhinelander, plus our Juniper store in Appleton. Just make sure to have fun with your project and be creative — your kids will love you for it!

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