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How to teach your kids to play pool
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How to Teach Your Kids to Play Pool

Playing pool with your kids is an excellent way to build in some quality family time. Besides being a ton of fun, when you teach your kids to play pool they learn other things, too. It will instill in them character traits such as patience and perseverance. Playing pool is more than just shooting billiard balls into the pockets. Playing pool helps your kids gain important abilities such as good aim and concentration. Plus, how much more fun is it when they are able to finally beat mom or dad? If you’ve just decided to teach your kids to play pool, check out these tips for each age group. 

Preschool & Kindergarten

Pool for the preschooler or kindergartener is all about just having fun with the game. It should be as simple as allowing them to be solids or stripes. Playing pool with this group will take a lot of hands-on help from mom or dad, but you’ll absolutely love seeing who shoots all their pool balls in first. At this age, you don’t want to bog them down with complex game rules. Grab your handy step stool to boost them up, and then get ready for loads of fun. If a full-sized pool cue is too difficult for your little one to use, let them roll the ball by hand when it’s their turn. You might be surprised how accurate those tiny tots can be! The main goals for preschoolers and kindergarteners are:

  • Learning the simple basics of the game
  • Playing to have fun
  • Watching how the lines and angles work as the balls bounce against the table and each other

Grades 1st-3rd

For grades 1st through 3rd, you will be able to explain the rules of straight 8-ball pool. You’ll want your kids to learn how to set-up the balls, the rules of breaking, and the rules for shooting balls in the pockets. With this age group, you can work with them on the importance of learning to take your time and slowly following through with each shot. This age group can also gain an understanding that with playing pool, practice makes perfect. They will want to practice their aim and learn strokes for various shots. They will also learn how to properly hold a cue. As these skills improve, so will their game. The main goals here are:

  • Introducing the rules
  • Practicing regularly
  • Aiming carefully
  • Playing to have fun (and to beat mom or dad!)

Grades 4th-6th

If you started teaching your kids to play pool when they were younger, they should better understand the rules. They know how to set-up and play a straight 8-ball game. At this point, you can keep things challenging by introducing them to other games such as Bank Pool, One Pocket, and 9-Ball. You will discover many games and variations that can be played using your pool table. And don’t be surprised at all when these smart kids of yours start to win. The goals for this age group are:

  • Continuing to learn and stick to the rules of play
  • Practicing good technique
  • Teaching your kids new games
  • Having fun and spending great time together

Choosing the Right Table

Teaching your kids to play pool is such a positive experience. You are spending quality time with your children as you teach them lasting skills. You are creating wonderful memories that will stick with your children long after they are grown. Plus, you may be establishing something they will pass down to their children one day. Family time has never been so much fun.

Don’t have a pool table to go along with those incredible kids you have? Investing in a pool table and supplies is your best bet for an excellent time together. Here at The Pool People, we have a large selection of pool tables in many sizes and colors that will suit your needs. Plus we have all of the billiard cues and accessories you need to go with it. With brands like Imperial International, Olhausen, Brunswick Billiards, Viking, McDermott, Schmelke, Cue & Case, and so much more, you are sure to find everything you need at The Pool People. You can even save 15% on a McDermott cue of the month!

Are you ready to get started? Come in today to one of our four convenient locations to try out our pool tables for yourself. And while you are at it, bring the whole family with you! You’ll be able to pick the perfect pool table that fits each size and age so that you can pull off the perfect family experience at home over and over again. With a billiard table from The Pool People, It’s never been easier to teach your kids to play pool.

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