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How to Surprise Someone with a Hot Tub

Do you have someone in your life you know would love to have a hot tub and want to surprise them with it? A spa is definitely the Christmas gift that can’t be beat. Maybe your husband or wife deserves a relaxing wind-down after a long day of hard work. Or maybe your parents could benefit from a daily or weekly soak to calm the muscles and joints. Whomever you have in mind, Juniper has the perfect hot tub to surprise your loved one with. Here are a couple pointers on how to surprise someone with a hot tub.

Pick Out the Perfect Hot Tub

Step one of surprising someone with a hot tub is to select the perfect hot tub for them. The first feature to think about is size. Consider the size of the space where you will put the hot tub, the number of people who you expect to use it at one time, and the amount of room you want to have. Then, think about the ideal features for your loved one. If surprising an athlete with a hot tub to soothe his tense muscles, pick a hot tub with strong jets. Perhaps your loved one will appreciate more of an aesthetic experience. In this case, you might want to choose a hot tub with color-changing LED lights and a waterfall (and maybe even speakers to set any mood with music). If you’re surprising someone more mature, be sure to choose a hot tub that is easy to get in and out of and maybe has fewer features. Check out Juniper’s selection of hot tubs in-store or here on our website to find the ideal model for your special someone.

Find a Time When They Won’t Be Home

Next comes making a plan to surprise someone with a hot tub! Ideally, you can choose a time when your loved one will be at work or fulfilling another regular commitment. If he or she is usually home and you can’t find an inconspicuous time to execute the plan, enlist the help of some friends or family. Together, you can form a plan to get them out of the house for a while.

Get the Hot Tub Delivered and Installed

Once you figure out when your covert mission will take place, coordinate a delivery and set-up. Juniper can deliver and open the hot tub for you, which will make the process go more quickly and smoothly. Otherwise, you may need to get some help from others with moving and/or setting up the hot tub. The new spa will be all set and ready to enjoy as soon as you surprise your loved one with their new hot tub.


Now you’re ready to surprise someone with a hot tub; it’s time for the big reveal! Your loved one will be so touched by your thoughtful gift. And you will both enjoy the hot tub together, getting quality time and relaxation in one of Juniper’s hot tubs. Give us a call or visit our store in Appleton, Wisconsin to pick out the perfect hot tub to surprise your special someone with!

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