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How to Store Your Patio Furniture for Winter

You have bought some nice outdoor furniture, and all too soon, you will need to store away your new patio furniture for the winter. What’s the best way to do so? The Pool People have all of the best tips and products for your storage needs.

Patio Furniture Materials

When deciding how to store your patio furniture for winter, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, such as materials, coverage, and storage space.

What material is your patio furniture made of? Some materials, like teak and those made of synthetic plastics, are suited for outdoor storage during the winter. Some types of metal, like aluminum and treated steel, are rust resistant. These types of patio furniture often come with all-weather hardware, so the choice is up to you on whether you want it safe inside.

But patio furniture that is made of material like cloth, natural wicker, and untreated wood will not fare well in the harsh Wisconsin winter weather conditions. Even metal frames and hardware on patio furniture are prone to damage by the colder elements. Stone tops and grills are also susceptible to the elements. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated space to store all your outdoor investments.

Patio Furniture Coverage

If you’re not going to leave your patio furniture exposed to the elements, you’re going to need coverage, either by moving your patio furniture indoors or by covering it.

Patio furniture covers: Outdoor furniture staying outdoors for the winter? There are some simple steps you will want to take to make sure your patio furniture is as safe from the elements as possible until you’re ready to use it again in the spring. The first step is to brush off any debris, such as dirt, sand, and leaves. The next step is to wash the patio furniture with a mild soap that is safe for the material the patio furniture is made of. And finally, you will want to put on the patio furniture covers after your furniture dries.

Indoor storage: Even if you’re going to move your patio furniture indoors for the winter, it’s not as simple as pulling it inside. You will want to make sure your patio furniture is in the same condition in the spring as it was when you put it away.

Brush off any debris and then wash the patio furniture with a mild soap. Then you will want to make sure your patio furniture is dry. And finally, put your patio furniture where it won’t be damaged for the next few months. But where is the best place to store your patio furniture?

Storing Patio Furniture Indoors

Bringing your patio furniture indoors provides the greatest amount of protection for your investment. But your car garage is not the best place to store your patio furniture. It will take up lots of valuable space and be in the way. A storage shed is the better option.

Old Hickory Buildings from The Pool People offer a number of models of sheds perfect for the job. Some of these models include the Barn, the Lofted Barn, the Utility Shed, and the Garage, just to name a few. With models of varying sizes and materials, you are sure to find a model to keep your patio furniture well-protected for winter and ready for you to use again in the spring. Download your free outdoor building brochure today to explore your options. Our staff is also available to answer any questions you have about patio furniture and storage this year. Contact The Pool People today to get started on the perfect storage options for your home!

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