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How to Protect Your Nice Patio Furniture from Winter Weather

After investing in quality patio furniture, you’ll want to ensure it’s protected from winter weather until spring. Even if you’ve had your set for years, you want it to stay nice for as long as possible. How are you going to protect your patio furniture this winter? All of the ice and snow we see in Wisconsin can really do a number on those nice pieces. At Juniper, we will help you find the best way to keep your patio furniture safe from the winter elements. 

Protect your nice patio furniture by bringing cushions indoors or into a storage building.

The first and most important step is to bring in all soft materials. These cushions and pillows from your patio set are the most susceptible to the elements. Even with outdoor fabric covering these, heavy snow and ice in the winter can seep into the fabric. Left over the long term, this can cause mold and mildew to build in your nice patio furniture, causing it to deteriorate. Bringing these items indoors will protect them from deterioration and prevent you from needing to replace patio cushions and pillows every year. If you are in need of extra storage space, an outdoor building from Juniper will easily hold all of your furniture.

After being out all spring and summer, your cushions and pillows may need a bit of maintenance before being placed in storage. To keep your cushions and pillows extra fresh through winter, be sure to spot clean and dry them and then store them in bags or storage tubs.

Cover the furniture with tarp or custom covers.

After storing the soft materials from your patio furniture indoors, you will still need to protect your nice patio furniture frames. Snow and ice can rust metal furniture and wooden furniture will absorb moisture and warp and weaken. If you are looking to do this on a budget, you can use tarps to cover the frames. You will need to be sure to secure these in some way to make sure they don’t blow away or come loose. Using custom covers will ensure that everything fits snugly and stays put no matter the weather conditions. While they cost a bit more than tarps, long term they would be worth the investment. 

Move your patio furniture into an outdoor building.

To really ensure that you protect your nice patio furniture and keep it safe throughout the Wisconsin winter, consider getting an Old Hickory building from Juniper before the snow falls. Using an outdoor building in your backyard to keep your furniture will keep things dry and thoroughly protect it from any inclement weather that may come your way this winter. Most of us don’t have the space to place our set indoors when winter hits hard, so having an extra outdoor storage building comes in very handy. You can also use it to store other items from your yard for the season as well.  


No matter what your outdoor needs are this winter, the experts at your local Juniper location are here to help you. From outdoor buildings to a new patio set, we have what you need to make your backyard everything you have ever dreamed of. Stop by our location in Appleton today.

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