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How to Prep Your Hot Tub for Holiday Hosting

It’s time to get everything ready for your upcoming holiday party: decorations, food, gifts, check, check, check! But what about your hot tub? Guests will surely look forward to taking a soak during the festivities. Here are some things to do to prep your home for holiday hosting (and some tips on how to ready your hot tub for guests if they plan on enjoying a soak, as well).

Make a List

Not everyone is a “list person,” but in this instance, there are enough things to remember, so it would serve you well to make a list of the things you need to do. There are things to buy, people to invite, decorations to put out, games to play, playlists to build, drinks to mix, and food to make! And don’t forget, to prepare your hot tub itself!

Invite People

It might go without saying, but don’t forget to make a list of people you want to attend your party. And remember to invite them early enough that your party is the first thing on their calendar for that date. The holidays can get busy, quick.


Whether your theme is holiday-specific, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hannukah, or if you’re just celebrating the Wonders of Winter, you will want to decorate!

While you’re going to want to keep electric lighting away from the hot tub, other holiday decorations are perfectly safe to use, like tinsel, wreaths, and even big red bows. Have fun decorating your hot tub!

Play Games

Whether you have one of our smaller hot tubs, built just for you and your significant other, or one of our larger hot tubs, large enough for a group of 10, your entire party won’t likely be in the hot tub together. Even if they could, you probably wouldn’t want them to! You will want entertainment for those who are waiting their turn to get in – and those who have already been in. If children attend your party, make sure to supervise them in the hot tub at all times.

Play Music

Holiday playlists are available on music and video streaming services, many of them for free or included with your existing subscriptions. But it’s also fun to build your own Christmas playlist! You can include new favorites and the classics, and at the same time, avoid some of the overplayed songs you can’t escape on the radio or at the grocery store. If you have neighbors close by, be a friendly neighbor and be sure that your holiday music isn’t too loud. No one wants their house to rock to Jingle Bell Rock.

Have Plenty to Drink

Seasonal drinks are a great touch! Hot apple cider, eggnog, and Christmas cocktails are a must for any holiday hot tub party. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, hot chocolate, hot tea, and coffee would be great, too. But don’t forget to have water on hand to avoid dehydration. If guests would like to drink while in the hot tub, use plastic cups and non-alcoholic beverages.

Have Holiday Snacks to Eat

Have light holiday-themed snacks and finger foods for your friends to eat after their hot tub soak. Your guests won’t want to get into the hot tub if they’re stuffed, and you don’t want messy foods being dragged into your hot tub!

Prepare Your Hot Tub

And finally, make sure your hot tub is good to go! Check your hot tub’s water chemistry levels, thermostat, and jets a day or two before the party. The day before the party, check and clean the filter, and sweep the area around your hot tub. Make the area presentable before you start decorating! Turn on the heat several hours before the party, and start the jets half an hour beforehand. Have plenty of towels handy, including several around the tub, especially if you do not have a rug at the exit.

Recover Your Hot Tub

Once the party’s over, you will want to do your pre-party checks again. Check the tub’s water chemistry level to make sure things aren’t too far off balance. Check the filter for missing jewelry, food items, decorations, game pieces, etc. Make sure all of your jets are clear and still functioning. And, finally, cover your hot tub to keep out children, leaves, and debris.

If you would like to look at one of our hot tubs, if you need hot tub accessories, or if you have questions about hot tubs, stop by your nearest The Pool People locations in either Steven’s Point, Rhinelander, or Schofield. We’re ready to help make your hot tub holiday party a blast!

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