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How to Have a Gorgeous and Entertaining Backyard No Matter How Small Your Wisconsin Backyard is

You want a beautiful backyard, and you want to entertain family and friends, but you’re afraid your property is just too small. Don’t get discouraged, though! You would be absolutely amazed at the way we can help you achieve your dream! Let us help you rethink your backyard with some tips from our team of professionals.

Consider an Above-Ground Pool for a small backyard.

A swimming pool is the first thing that people with a smaller backyard often put on the proverbial chopping block. They believe, due to a perceived lack of space, that there is no way a pool could possibly fit in their backyard. Not so fast!

Here at The Pool People, we have overcome that obstacle, time and time again. The above-ground pools that we offer come in a variety of sizes and we’ve often found that our customers are able to find clever ways to fit them in smaller backyards here in Wisconsin.

A Hot Tub is another good choice.

If you plan on entertaining, a small group or a large one, a hot tub is a must! We do carry larger hot tubs like the 965L from South Seas Spas™, which is approximately 8 by 9 feet. But if space is a concern, we also carry smaller models like the Aspen Quattro ES, which is just over 5 feet by 7 feet. While those numbers might not seem that different, that’s an area difference of 37 square feet!

A Swim Spa is another great option for small backyards.

If you look at all of the options and you still can’t decide between an above-ground pool and a hot tub, a swim spa is a happy medium! Our swims range from the compact TidalFit® Active EP-12 to the TidalFit DT-21. Whatever size or shape your backyard is, we have a swim spa that’s just right for you and your home.

Saunas are also a good fit for small Wisconsin backyards.

Not all saunas were built for entire football teams! Some of them were designed with more intimacy in mind, and all of our Almost Heaven® saunas were constructed for the great outdoors. 

The Salem sauna is built for two, and with the Harvia 4.5kW electric heater, heats up quickly to 180 degrees F. LED mood lighting is available with this sauna to help in your venture to have a beautiful backyard!

Our Vienna sauna is also built for two people and has a canopy. If you’re into more of the cabin look than the barrel sauna, consider the Allegheny sauna. It is one of our best space-saving options. It has a porch and will still seat up to six people.

Grills and patio furniture, of course, fit perfectly in small backyards.

If you need a grill or patio furniture, look no further! Check out our line of Kamado Joe® ceramic grills and Memphis Wood Fire Grills, from smaller space-saving options to full-on outdoor kitchen options here. And our beautiful furniture options include tables, chairs, couches, loungers, sofas, umbrellas, and more. Check out all of our outdoor patio furniture here.

Whether you’re a Wisconsinite with an expansive property or a smaller one, you deserve to have a beautiful backyard in which to entertain your family and friends! If you still have questions about making your backyard gorgeous and entertaining, give us a call, check us out online, or stop in one of our convenient locations in Stevens Point, Rhinelander, or Schofield.

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