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How to Have a Deck You Want to Spend Time On

It’s not enough to have neatly organized wooden planks out your back door. You want to have a deck everyone in your family will want to spend time on, a deck your friends and guests will enjoy when they visit. Here at The Pool People, we have some ideas that will help turn that idea into reality.

Ways to Enjoy Your Deck


Who doesn’t like a good flame-grilled burger and brat? Better yet, who doesn’t enjoy grilling and all of the camaraderie and fellowship that goes along with it? Maybe it’s just you and your significant other, and all you need is a Kettle Joe and Joe Junior. Maybe it’s your immediate family and something larger, like a Big Joe or a Beale Street Stainless Steel Pellet Grill Cart from Memphis® Wood Fire Grills would do the trick. Or maybe you need to go BIG! Perhaps the Big Joe Grill III or Memphis Wood Fire Grills Pro Built-In Series are more fitting to your needs. Check out all of our grills!


If you’re going to be entertaining family and friends on your deck, you are going to need furniture! Whether that’s a table and chairs, sofas and couches, loungers or other furniture, we have what you need. And if you are going to entertain during daylight hours or misty weather, you will want to invest in a patio umbrella – or two – to protect your guests from the sun and the elements. We offer a fantastic selection of patio furniture at all of our locations, perfect for gathering with family and friends.


If the goal is relaxation, we have a couple of ideas for you: fire tables and hammocks!

We have a gorgeous line of fire tables from American Fireglass® in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Give us a call or visit one of our stores and our professional staff will happily answer your questions about fire tables.

We also have an alluring line of Original Pawleys Island® hammocks, stands, and accessories for your relaxation needs! Check out our hammocks to find the right one for you.


Over the past few years, one hobby that has really taken hold is deck gardening! According to the University of Wisconsin, deck gardening (also known as container gardening) is a popular way for people to grow their favorite vegetables at home. Arugula, kale, lettuce and spinach are among the easiest to grow on a deck because of their ease in seeding, how frequently they can be harvested, and because they can be replanted several times during the season.

Other vegetables that are easy to grow in such conditions include beets, carrots, radishes, and turnips. This is due to the ease of rooting for them in the loose, well-drained potting mixes used for patio gardening. For more information on patio gardening, consult the University of Wisconsin here.

You can’t just have a deck. You need to have a deck that you, your family, and your friends will want to spend time on! If you still have questions about making yours a deck you will want to spend time on, give us a call, check us out online, or stop in one of our convenient locations in Stevens Point, Rhinelander, or Schofield, Wisconsin.

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