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How to have a backyard oasis like you see in the magazines
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How to Have a Backyard Oasis Like You See in the Magazines

Are you looking for ways to turn your backyard into your own personal getaway? We have so many great ideas on how to have a backyard oasis like you see in the magazines. When you feel stuck with nary an idea of how to even begin to spruce up your outdoor living space, you can rely on The Pool People for ideas as well as the furniture, grills, and other outdoor accessories to transform your backyard from “meh” to marvelous. 

Start with a Big Clean Up

In order to have a backyard oasis like you see in the magazines, you’ve got to start with a clean slate. Clean your patio hardscape by sweeping away loose debris. Rent a power washer if necessary to remove stains and make the surface look new again. Get a bucket of sudsy water and wash off the surfaces of your patio furniture. Clean your barbecue grill. Pull last summer’s dead plants out of the planters and replace them with colorful new annuals. Once things have had a good tidying, you will be able to look at the space with a fresh eye.

Throw Some Shade

If your main outdoor living space is sunny in the warmest part of the day, the first thing you need to address is providing shade. You could construct a lattice, but if carpentry isn’t your forté, install a retractable awning, bring in some umbrellas, or hang up a shade sail to create a shady spot for relaxing. 

Use Rugs to Define Outdoor Rooms

Here is a decorator tip on how to have a backyard oasis like you see in magazines: Use outdoor rugs to define your outdoor living space into separate areas or “rooms”. Place a rug in your main outdoor conversation area, where you will gather on comfortable seating for socializing, cocktail hour, or to relax with a good book. You could set up an outdoor dining area in the same way, with a colorful rug placed under your patio dining set.

Replace Worn Shabby Furniture

If your outdoor furniture has seen better days, it may be time for a refresh. The Pool People has a vast selection of quality outdoor furniture to choose from. Nothing transforms the look of a dreary backyard more than a stylish new comfortable cushioned sofa and lounge chairs. Remember to add in a cocktail or coffee table and some side tables for drinks. If you want to have a backyard oasis like you see in the magazines, add decorator touches such as colorful pillows and throws.

Make Your Outdoor Eating Area a Gathering Spot

If you enjoy grilling, making your outdoor cooking and eating area a gathering place is a no-brainer. The Pool People has excellent grilling options with something for everyone. We carry Kamado Joe® ceramic style smokers as well as Memphis Grills® wood pellet grills. Creating a practical outdoor kitchen makes things easier for both the chef and the guests. Imagine yourself at the grill with your guests keeping you company as you cook and then moving to the adjacent dining area to feast on your delicious food.

Other Features to Make Backyard Living Special

Take your backyard oasis to the next level with features such as a fire pit or fire table complete with surrounding chairs for after-dinner s’mores or your beverage of choice. Stargazing under the summer night sky is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A water feature such as a fountain will add a relaxing and peaceful ambiance to your space. Lighting is another way to have a backyard oasis like you see in the magazines. Fairy lights or brighter string lights are an inexpensive way to create an atmosphere and provide practical illumination. 

It’s time to give your outdoor living space a new fresh look. If you want to have a backyard oasis like you see in the magazines, come to one of The Pool People’s four locations, where we have all the amenities you need to create the very best in Wisconsin summer patio living.

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