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Refresh Your Patio for Spring
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How to Freshen Up Your Patio Furniture for Spring

As the frost and cold of a long Wisconsin winter finally recede, glimpses of spring appear in green and yellow, growing up toward the warming sun. Warmer days beckon us out of the house with the promise of a relaxing afternoon on the patio. Let the shy spring sun warm your cheeks. Read a book while the birds newly returned from their winter sojourns sing in the trees again. Sip a cool beverage from your favorite spring tumbler. Is your patio furniture ready for this spring fantasy? Juniper has you covered with 4 easy ideas to freshen up your patio furniture for spring!

Freshen up your patio for spring with decorative pillows.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Pillow

A stylish pillow can add comfort and color to any piece of patio furniture. You don’t need to have a floral patio set to bring happy spring vibes to your yard. Dress up your existing patio set with a set of fresh pillows that set your sunlit heart to flight! Small touches like these can completely change the feel of your patio furniture set to match any season of the year. Juniper has all the springy pillows you need to create a verdant paradise in your yard with minimal effort, including stylish brands like Lloyd Flanders®.

A hammock from Juniper can refresh your patio for spring.

Take it Spring Easy in a Hammock

Have you ever taken an afternoon nap in a hammock? The net hugs around you in a comfy cocoon perfectly shaped to your body, while the breeze blows lightly through the sides gently rocking you and keeping you cool and cozy. You’ll never nap the same way again! Whether you want to sleep, read, scroll through your phone, or stare at the sky while the clouds go by, Juniper has the right hammock for your patio this spring. If your patio furniture seems to be missing a certain element of relaxation, consider a hammock that will invite you into its cozy embrace all season long.

Freshen up your patio for spring with flowers.

Flowers for Your Spring Fantasy

Nothing evokes spring like colorful blooms of new flowers. Fresh flowers on a patio table, or potted flowers placed around furniture will fill your patio with floral whimsy. And with just the right outdoor furnishings, your deck or patio will be absolutely flawless.

Spring nights around your American Fireglass fire pit.

Extend Spring Days into Nights with a Fire Table

Chilly nights that so often follow the warm days of early spring shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your patio furniture. A fire table not only warms up cold toes curled up on a moonlit patio chair, it also casts the perfect ambience for relaxing nights in the backyard pondering winter memories and welcoming the warmer months. With premium fire table brands, Juniper can help you light the night and leave winter behind.

Don’t waste another day indoors as the Wisconsin spring invites you to enjoy the warmth of the new season. Let these tips guide you as you freshen up your patio furniture for spring, and let Juniper provide you the best patio products and inspiration in Wisconsin. Check out our Spring Patio Furniture Sale for the springtime makeover your yard deserves! With Juniper, each and every day at home is a day to celebrate.

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