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How to Close an Above-Ground Pool

Closing your above-ground pool is so important, especially with the harsh Wisconsin winter approaching. Make sure to protect your pool from ice damage and irreversibly water imbalance by correctly closing your above-ground pool this year. Pool closing season in Wisconsin is between mid-September and Thanksgiving. Be proactive and make sure your above-ground pool is closed before harsh weather can pose a threat. In six steps, here’s how to close an above-ground pool.

Clean the Pool

Before you start closing your pool, make sure to give it a thorough deep clean. Remove all leaves and other debris, scrub the liner, and vacuum the pool. 

Test and Balance the Water

Test the water. You can do it on your own using a test kit, or take advantage of Juniper’s free water testing for our customers! Check the levels of the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness, and ensure that they are ideal for maintaining the pool all fall and winter.

Add Winterizing Chemicals

If you are using a winterizing kit, follow the instructions included. Otherwise, you’ll need to be careful to use the right chemicals in the correct order. Balance the alkalinity and pH, then adjust the calcium hardness, and add sanitizer. Shock the pool a couple days before closing. Add algaecide to ensure no new algae will grow during the winter. Finally, add a clarifying enzyme treatment, if you choose to.

Keep Plumbing and Filters from Freezing

First, turn off everything. Depending on what kind of filter you have, you may need to flush or backwash the filter. Then, start disconnecting all of the equipment. Remove the hoses from your pool’s pump and filter. Drain the water out of your filter and clean it with a quality filter cleaner (leave the valves open). Remove drain plugs to drain water so it doesn’t freeze and damage your equipment. Store somewhere dry and warm and out of the elements. 

Protect the Pool Skimmer

If your pool skimmer is wet and freezes, it can crack from the expanding water. There are two strategies for protecting your skimmer: either lower the water level slightly to keep water out of the skimmer for the cold season, or, better yet, use a skimmer plug to cover and keep the skimmer safe.

Cover the Pool

It’s a good idea to use ice equalizer pillows to absorb pressure caused by freezing. This will help protect the walls of the pool from being damaged when the water freezes and expands. Secure your ice equalizer pillows, then secure the winter pool cover to maintain the winterized water and keep debris out of the pool until spring. Now you have finished closing your above-ground pool! Don’t forget to sweep that snow off your cover this winter, too, so it doesn’t get too heavy.

Juniper Has Everything You Need to Close Your Above-Ground Pool

It isn’t hard to close your pool this year. With Juniper on your side, you’ll have everything needed to close your pool for the cold season. Find high-quality, professional-grade water chemicals and other water care products at our store. Shop at our family-owned business for superior quality and service that you won’t find at large retailers!

Still too much? Yes, it’s a lot to consider. Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own. If you would like help closing your pool this year, Juniper offers a professional pool closing service to ensure that your pool is closed correctly! Your pool and equipment will be all set for winter. Sign up today to get on our list, or call us at 1.800.472.1926.

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