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How to Clean Your Pool Deck

There is just something about spring that makes us want to clean things. Particularly in areas such as ours that go through a long winter season, the spring cleaning bug bites hard. Inside, you may be taking your house apart and doing big chores such as cleaning your baseboards and kitchen cupboards.

Outside tasks may include cleaning your outdoor furniture and certainly getting your pool ready for the warm weather. There is one area outside that is often overlooked, however, and that is the pool deck. Is it stained? Has it got some spots of moss or mildew? The folks at The Pool People have you covered. Let’s go over how to clean your pool deck.

Why Is Regular Cleaning Needed for Pool Decks?

You may wonder why you need to bother with cleaning the deck around your pool. First of all, if it is stained, it is unsightly. Second, if there are loose bits of debris such as small twigs, dust, dirt, pollen, or leaves cluttering the surface, those particles could end up blowing right into your pool, making your filter work harder than necessary. Those bits also don’t feel so great to walk upon. Third, if your deck has patches of mold, algae, or mildew, it could be slippery to walk on, and that is a safety hazard.

How Often Should You Clean It?

It depends on the level of cleaning. If your deck is stone or concrete, it should be deep cleaned every other year, on average. If your pool deck is wood, you may need to give it a deep cleaning every year to remove traces of mold or mildew. 

Regular cleaning, such as sweeping and vacuuming, should be done as often as possible.

How to Prepare Your Pool Deck for Cleaning

Before you clean your pool deck, no matter what it is made of, you will need to sweep the surface thoroughly. Use a stiff long-handled broom to sweep away all loose debris and whatever stuck-on materials you can remove. Give the deck a rinse with the hose once you’ve swept.

What to Use to Clean Your Pool Deck

The substance you use to clean your pool deck will differ depending on what the deck material is.

  • Stone, brick, or concrete decking: If your deck is made of concrete, stone, or brick, add a cup of oxygenated bleach (not chlorinated) into a gallon of water. If your deck is especially dirty, you can add a bit of mild grease-fighting dishwashing liquid as well. Spread this solution over the entire surface of your deck, making sure you have enough of the mixture to go around. Let it sit for a few minutes (but do not let it dry), then use your scrub broom or other scrubbing brush to clean the deck surface. Use your hose to rinse the deck completely when finished. 
  • Wood decking: Decks made of wood have an issue with algae, mold, and mildew, so you will have to take care to use something that will kill that growth. Mix a cup of white vinegar into a gallon of water and use a hose with a spray attachment to spray entirely over all the growth. Make up more solution if needed. Let the vinegar mixture sit on the deck’s surface for a few minutes (but do not let it dry), then use your scrub broom or brush to remove all evidence of mold or mildew. Use your hose to spray the surface clean. 

When to Bring in the Pros

In most cases, if the pool deck is cleaned on a regular basis, the cleaning methods described above should do the trick. For pool decks that are covered with stains, mildew, and other ground-in filth, you may need to call in a professional power wash company to clean your pool deck.  A professional power washing contractor will know what substances to use for specialized cleaning and will recommend the best method to clean your pool deck without causing any damage to it. 

Nothing sets off your sparkling blue pool like a well-maintained pool deck. Your pool deck is the framework that draws focus toward your beautiful pool, and you need it to be clean and well-maintained in order to showcase your main attraction. Regular pool deck maintenance is essential to your outdoor living space looking its absolute best, and we hope these tips on how to clean your pool deck will come in handy. The pool pros at The Pool People are here to answer your questions and recommend needed supplies. 

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