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How to Choose the Right Hot Tub for You

Are you searching for the perfect hot tub? The spa experts at Juniper can help you choose the right hot tub for your needs. You’ll want to consider location options, your spa guests, and power requirements. The good news is you can’t go wrong with Juniper’s selection of high-quality hot tub brands like Artesian Spas™, Viking Spas™, Aspen Spas, Strong® Spas, and Dream Maker Spas™!

What is the Right Hot Tub for Your Space?

First, take into account your available space and where you want your hot tub to go. If you have a spacious, sprawling backyard, get creative! With some foliage, comfy furniture, or even a hammock, you can create a magical secret garden to relax in. Keep in mind that hot tubs can’t be installed directly over grass, so you’ll need to install a concrete pad or other foundation for your garden spa.

Conversely, you may be working with a smaller backyard. In this case, your hot tub can become the star of your space. A smaller-framed hot tub can fit in a corner or awkward alcove like a luxurious puzzle piece. Or, set your hot tub as the centerpiece and focus your patio around it.

Furthermore, you may even want to set your spa inside a well-ventilated room in your house. For this option, you will want to choose a 120-volt hot tub. A 120 V or “Plug-N-Play” spa can plug directly into an existing 120 V outlet inside or outside your home. On the other hand, 240 V spas must be wired directly to the appropriate power breaker. This requirement gives 240-volt hot tubs a bit less versatility of location compared to 120-volt hot tubs. 

What is the Right Hot Tub for Health Benefits?

Second, keep an eye out for the hot tub features that bring important health benefits to spa time. Researchers say that spending time soaking in your hot tub can boost your metabolism for better health. Additionally, regular warm soaks in your spa can improve your heart health, increase your insulin sensitivity, and even help you sleep better.

Choose a spa that will warm quickly and stay warm while you build your hot tub health routine. For example, a 240-volt hot tub may provide quicker and more consistent heat than its 120-volt counterpart. Further equip your hot tub with strong jets to relax your muscles with soothing spa hydrotherapy. Your body will thank you.

What is the Right Hot Tub for Entertaining?

Third, think about who you will be inviting to your hot tub as you shop. If you are planning to throw fun spa parties with all your friends, the right hot tub will be one with a larger shell. The ARTESIAN ELITE Pelican Bay hot tub from Artesian Spas features a roomy 9-seat layout!

Add in spacious patio furniture, a grill for savory party eats, and games like ping pong or cornhole for a true hot tub bash. Pro tip: when hosting bashes in your spa, make sure you regularly test your water. With higher hot tub traffic, you’ll need to balance your spa water more frequently. 

Then, when your friends fall in love with your hot tub, you can help them get one of their own through Juniper’s Customer Referral Program! When you refer 5 purchasing friends over a 3 year period, you will receive a current year model of your original hot tub FREE. Plus, you can get $50 in Juniper store credit for every friend you refer who makes a purchase.

What is the Right Hot Tub for Romance?

Fourth, maybe you are less of a party person and more of a romantic. Have a romantic date night in your hot tub with some mood lighting. Your Aspen Spa can be outfitted with LED lighting for an instant sweetheart vibe. 

Next, take your romantic spa date to the next level with some sultry tunes. With the right hot tub, there’s no need to drag your stereo outside. For example, the Madrid 60 hot tub from the Strong Spas Premium Series product line comes equipped with a Bluetooth® stereo, four speakers, and a subwoofer. Turn down the lights, turn up the tunes, and enjoy some hot tub love. 

What is the Right Hot Tub for Relaxation?

Parties are fun, and dates are sweet, but nothing beats some relaxing alone time in the hot tub. Fifth, choose a hot tub with the features that will keep you relaxed to the max for years to come. The Cabana Suite™ 2500L from the Dream Maker Spas SuiteSpa Collection includes a Weather Shield umbrella and full-body lounge with jets to massage your shoulders, back, and feet.

A hot tub is the most essential element of a peaceful home oasis. Pick a spa that you can see yourself melting into after a long day as your troubles float away. What’s more, match your hot tub shell and panel color choice with your yoga studio shed for your own private backyard spa retreat. 

Moreover, if relaxation is a priority in your search for the right hot tub, you’re in luck. You can choose any of the high-quality hot tubs in our inventory and be guaranteed some deeply soothing spa time. Whether you want 33 jets, 48 jets, or even 60 jets, all the hydrotherapy jets in your spa will immediately start working to soothe and relax you as soon as you settle in. 

Expert Help for Your Spa Search

At Juniper, we love using our decades of pool and spa experience to help our neighbors find the best hot tubs in Wisconsin. We’ll help you choose, maintain, move, and even repair the perfect spa for your needs. You can contact us with any of your spa questions and queries. No question is too big or small for our helpful team.

Stop by our Appleton store to see the hot tubs and professional-grade spa accessories and products we have in stock. In fact, you can also arrange a private “test soak” at our store and try out a hot tub for yourself before you buy. You could be relaxing into the right hot tub for you all season long!

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