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How to Choose Between an Indoor and Outdoor Home Sauna

Have you been considering getting a home sauna? There are so many benefits to getting a home sauna, such as stress reduction, a strengthened immune system, better sleep, improved skin, and so much more. You know you want one, but where will it go in your home: indoors or outdoors?

Juniper Pools is proud to offer Pro6® Saunas and Almost Heaven Saunas® and knows that you may have questions about where to place your new home sauna. Do you want the convenience of an in-home sauna, or would you prefer the experience of having your sauna outdoors in a natural environment? Juniper has some information that may help you figure out how to choose between an indoor and outdoor home sauna. 

Benefits of an Indoor Home Sauna

An indoor sauna is a freestanding or custom-built sauna that fits into a space already existing in your home. A master bathroom, a home gym, or a niche in a basement or garage are popular locations for indoor home saunas. An indoor sauna is accessible at any time and in any weather from the convenience of your own home. Located near a shower and a bathroom are additional conveniences. Pro6 offers many sizes of indoor saunas that could fit in the space you have available.

Not only is an indoor sauna convenient, but it is also private and secure. If you have a small backyard, an indoor sauna would not take up outdoor living space. Indoor saunas are also easier to maintain since you don’t have to be concerned about wear and tear to the outside structure from the elements.

When it comes to installation, indoor saunas are easier (and less expensive) to install than outdoor saunas because, generally, there is existing access to electricity and water. There are also freestanding models that can actually be moved with you should you change locations. 

Benefits of an Outdoor Home Sauna

An outdoor home sauna provides more options regarding size, style, and placement than an indoor home sauna does. The design options can be exciting since there are fewer space restrictions. You can opt for tiered seating inside the sauna, an exterior seating area for cooling down, windows to experience the view, and many beautiful outside finishing choices. An advantage of an outdoor sauna is that space restrictions are usually not as much of an issue, and you can get extremely creative with your design choices.

Many people choose to locate their home sauna outside to take advantage of a lake or poolside view. Being closer to nature when enjoying your sauna experience is a long-held preference of the Scandanavian people who originally designed and used saunas. Many people think that locating their sauna outside the venue of their normal life provides more relaxation benefits and an “authentic” experience in nature. Almost Heaven makes traditional Finnish barrel-shaped saunas that may be exactly what you are looking for. 

Construction of an outdoor sauna may not be as straightforward as putting in an indoor model. A foundation may be required, and perhaps electrical wiring and plumbing hook-up. The exterior trim will also add to the construction cost. Consider also that an outdoor sauna will require more maintenance than an indoor sauna because the exterior will be exposed to the elements. Being able to enjoy your sauna outdoors may outweigh those additional costs.


How to choose between an indoor and outdoor home sauna? The choice will always come down to personal preference. Wherever you decide to place your home sauna, you will still be able to take advantage of all the wellness benefits a sauna provides. If you are ready to add a sauna to your home or backyard, contact the professionals at Juniper. We can help you find the perfect sauna solution to fit the space you have.

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