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How to Build a Backyard Game Room

Summer is here and your family is already getting bored. You have exhausted all of your ideas to keep yourselves entertained. You’ve played all your video games and board games over and over. You’ve swam in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub, explored the town, and you just want something new to do. Do you have an empty shed in your backyard, or are you looking to add some extra storage? You can take that space and transform it into the perfect getaway. Here’s how to build a backyard game room.

Make the Most of Your Space

Do you have an old shed in your backyard you’re looking to revamp or replace? Or do you have a spot in your backyard that just needs something, but you don’t know what? Consider getting an Old Hickory Building. These buildings come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, are available to buy or rent to own, and are a perfect addition to any backyard. Plus, you can transform it into backyard game room, so games aren’t taking up space in your home.

Transform Your Outbuilding

Odds are, your backyard shed isn’t finished. If you’re wanting to use it as a backyard game room, you’ll have to put in some work!

Start by clearing out anything you have in your shed in a very Marie Kondo way. If it doesn’t bring you joy or you have nowhere else to put it, get rid of it. If you are getting a new building, good news, you can skip this step!

Once everything’s clean, you’ll want to add a fresh coat of paint. This is a perfect time to get your kids involved. Since it’s in your backyard and not in your home, they can help you paint. You’ll truly be able to make this area a family area without having to worry about color schemes and perfect lines.

Then, you’ll want to finish the floor and add some seating. Like the paint on the walls, you can do this however you want. Go as simple as rugs or as elaborate as wood flooring — the choice is completely yours.

Add Some Games

You can’t have a backyard game room without games! And we’re not talking about the video games and board games you’ve already gotten sick of this summer. We’re talking about some real games that will fill the days with endless fun.

Some games we recommend include:

Any of these options are guaranteed to please. Make sure you have enough space not only for the game table, but also to play the game. For example, will your billiards table be far enough away from the wall for the cue? Make sure to map out your game tables accordingly for the best game room experience.

Now that you know how to build a backyard game room, are you ready to start? Our team at The Pool People is ready to help you pick out the best options for you and your family. Stop by one of our four convenient locations today to get started.

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