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How to Bake Desserts on Your Grill

Want the best way to dress up your holiday meal this year? Don’t limit yourself when you think about all the fantastic dishes that can be prepared on a grill. Awaken your taste buds to the endless possibilities that a Kamado Joe® grill gives for the preparation of delicious desserts. A Kamado Joe grill is much like an oven because it maintains an even cooking temperature due to its thick ceramic walls. You will also discover that your desserts will have a lightly crisp smoky flavor from the small amount of charcoal fueling the grill. So if you haven’t tried to bake desserts on your grill, it’s time to get adventurous! Here’s how easy it is. We’ll tell you just what you need to successfully create the perfect decadence each and every time!

What’s the best heat to use for baking desserts on your grill?

It is important to know what type of heat to use when you bake on a grill. You will be a successful baker when using indirect heat with your grill. When you use indirect heat, place a deflector plate between your food and the flame. The plate will diffuse the heat and will cause even baking of the dessert. You do not want to open your grill during the baking process because you will lose heat and the grill will have to come back up to temperature. Food will take longer to bake when using indirect heat. If you open your grill before the suggested bake time, your dish may take longer to finish baking than the suggested time.

Tools, Time And Temperature

The tools needed in assembling any dessert for your grill pretty much consist of the normal kitchen tools and gadgets that you already own. You’ll need your garden variety mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and whisks. But once you have your recipe ingredients assembled and prepared you will want to have the appropriate bakeware. Cast iron and stoneware are excellent choices for baking desserts on a grill. You should also have spacers on hand. Use spacers when baking pies or other crust-based dishes. Spacers placed under a pie pan ensures that your crust does not get overdone. Parchment paper is also useful when baking cookies. Cut your paper and place it on top of a pizza stone for an easy transfer when done.

The best rule of thumb when dealing with time and temperature is to follow the recipe. The time it takes to bake your dessert will vary. Cookies can take as little as 10 minutes; cobblers, pies, and cakes 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you are using fresh fruit, it may take slightly longer than 1 hour, with some recipes calling for up to 1 ½ hours based on the dessert. Most dessert recipes call for a temperature range from 350°F to 400°F. Close the dome and fully open the top vent to set your temperature. Once you light the charcoal, allow your Kamado Joe to heat up within 25 degrees of the target temperature. Now close the top vent until it is only 1/4 of the way open and wait one minute to check the temperature. Close/open the top vent to lower/increase the temperature as needed.

Now are you ready for some incredible recipes to add to your holiday display? From creamy cheesecake to blueberry bread pudding, your holidays (and everyday) will boast the best in splendid desserts. Check out Kamado Joe’s YouTube channel for videos and recipes to use on your grill.

Before today, you may have never thought of the endless possibilities that using a Kamado Joe grill would bring. But now are you dreaming of a Kamado Joe of your own? Come see us today at Juniper Pools and we will set you up with the perfect grill. We know you can’t wait to impress your family and friends with the fabulous desserts you will prepare once you get your beautiful new grill home. 


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