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Medium shot of a cue stick and pool balls arranged in a triangle on top of a billiards table with a green billiard cloth. The space you need for a billiards table like this should include a buffer zone around the table of at least 5 feet.
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How Much Space You Need for a Billiards Table

The space you need for a billiards table can be a tricky subject. Most people ask, “How much space do you need for a billiards table?” when what they really mean to ask is, “How much space do you need to play a game of pool on a billiards table?” Aha! There’s a difference.

The billiards tables we carry at Juniper are similar in size to the tables you see Paul Newman asserting his dapper self over in the movies. But we know that when it comes to buying a billiards table for your home, you need a more realistic account of a pool game than what you see in classic movies. 

When envisioning your billiards table, there are two measurements you need to consider: the area within the pool table and the area around it needed to effectively play the game.

It’s not about the table. It’s about the game.

How well do you think a football game would go if neither team had the space on the sidelines to observe and prepare for the next play? And what do you suppose would happen if the ball carrier didn’t have an “out of bounds” area to travel to? You’d have a chaotic mix of football and hockey on your hands. No one wants to play that.

This is the exact point you contend with when deciding on a space for your billiards table. Just because a game of pool takes place on a surface that is, on average, 8 feet long doesn’t mean you can successfully play in an area the size of a parking space. You need a generous buffer zone to account for the cue, the player, and the various positions they may take in lining up the perfect shot.

The length of an average cue stick is five feet. Therefore, the bare minimum space you would need to accommodate your billiards table is equal to the dimensions of the table plus 10 feet added to both the length and width. Again, this is if you want to play a game in an intimate setting. If you want room for your game to coexist with other activities available in the space, you to think a little bigger.

Think of your billiards table as part of an environment.

Our neighbors in the pool-building sector like to say that their projects are never, “just about the pool.” There’s the pool deck, the fence, the landscaping, and a number of other features that contribute to a total pool environment. Well, guess what? In billiards, it’s not just about the pool table.

The healthiest approach is to think of your pool game taking place in a billiards table environment. That means considering all the comforts you want to include in the space so you can play more smoothly and enjoy the experience more.

Pool games can last a while. You may want enough space to fit comfy furniture that you and your fellow players can sit in while waiting for your turn. Also, you may fancy a buffet or a cocktail bar to class the space up a little bit.

In either case, be sure that such pieces are placed at least 7 feet away from the table’s edge. The last thing you want is for your martini glasses and your friends’ faces to be in tapping distance of a cue stick’s bumper.

All things considered, people find their tables most at home in spaces such as basements, sunrooms, and open-concept dining areas to name a few. 

The space you need for a billiards table.

What spaces in your home could comfortably fit a pool game? If you’re not sure, visit the Juniper location in Appleton, Wisconsin, and bring your tape measure! Our staff will help you cross-reference the sizes of billiards tables we offer to the measurements of your favorite spaces at home. 

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