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How Much Space Do I Need to Get a Pool Table?

Billiards is a game that appeals to all ages. It’s a fun pastime that allows us to get away from screens and spend a few hours with family and friends. One of the most common places to play billiards is in a pool hall, and, though fun, the environment isn’t for everybody.

If you want to play pool more often, teach your kids how to play, or just play in the comfort of your own home, buying a pool table is a great decision. But you’re probably wondering just how much room a pool table takes up. What are pool table sizes? Where can you fit it? If you’re seriously considering adding a pool table that your friends and family will love, read on to find out if you have the space for an incredible addition to your home.

Pool tables range in size, but the most common sizes are 7-feet, 8-feet, or 9-feet long. You’ll most often find 7-foot-long pool tables in pubs and pool halls. The 9-foot tables are the regulation-size pool tables used for professional tournaments. This just leaves 8-foot pool tables, which is the size you’ll most commonly find when looking to buy a pool table for your home.

The width of a pool table depends on its length. Shorter pool tables also have a smaller width. Usually, 9-foot tables have a width of 4.5 feet, 8-foot tables a width of 4 feet, and 7-foot tables a width of 3.5 feet. Remember to take both the width and length of a pool table into consideration when measuring your space.

Does the Pool Table Fit?

Unless you’re looking to become a pro pool player, you’ll most likely be looking at a 7- or 8-foot pool table. But you have to consider more than just the tables’ measurements. You can’t just stick an 8-foot pool table into a 9′ x 9′ room. You have to consider how much room it will take to comfortably play a game of pool.

This means you also have to allow for the length of pool cues. A pool cue is usually around 57 to 59 inches long, and you have to take into account how much space you’ll need to comfortably position it around each side of the pool table. As a good rule of thumb, you should leave the length of a pool cue plus 6 inches between the edge of the pool table and your wall. This ensures you have enough space to comfortably play. For an 8-foot pool table, that means you’re probably looking at a space of at least 14 by 10 feet.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Now that you know how to properly measure your space for a pool table, you can determine the best-sized pool table for your home. Next, you should reach out to the experts at The Pool People. We can show you our collection of expertly crafted pool tables. We are sure to have a showpiece for your home. With our expertise, you can learn more about different pool table sizes and see which pool table is right for you. Stop by any of our Wisconsin locations to check out our stock of new and used billiards/pool tables.

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