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How much does a swim spa cost in 2022?

Owning a swim spa is an amazing way to boost fitness, increase heath, and enjoy incredible relaxation. When you shop with Juniper, it couldn’t be easier to bring a dedicated space for recreation and relaxation home to stay. And with the beautiful benefits that a swim spa brings, considering one for your backyard space is a wonderful idea. But how much does a swim spa cost in 2022?

Size and Features

The first thing you need to consider when budgeting for the cost of a swim spa is the size of model you want and the features you need. At Juniper, we have a variety of beautiful options! First up is the TidalFit® Exercise Pool. With five models to choose from, an Exercise Pool boasts a large space to swim and play – from 12’ to 15’ in length. Some models even have a luxurious relaxation cove, giving you the best of both a swimming pool and a hot tub all in one stunning space. With optional amenities like the stationary resistance swim and rowing kit, you’ll have a backyard gym that you’ll absolutely love.

Next up are our wonderful FitSpa models with dual-zone areas. You get the amazing swim spa area that you want PLUS the addition of a totally separate hot tub area! These models come in linear and L-shaped options to give you a selection of arrangement choices. And with the dual-temperature areas, you can completely customize your enjoyment all year long. With either an Exercise Pool or a FitSpa, you just can’t go wrong.

Location and Installation

The next thing to consider when looking at the cost of a swim spa is both the location and installation. Do you already have a concrete or reinforced patio area where you want your swim spa to be located? If not, you will want to include that cost in your overall budget.

Installation of your swim spa is also important. You need a dedicated electrical connection installed by a qualified electrician before your swim spa’s delivery day. Depending on the entrance availability of your yard or home, a crane to lift your spa in place may also be required. The staff at Juniper are experts at swim spas, so please feel free to ask ANY questions about location and installation for your perfect swim spa choice.

Maintenance Costs

The last thing to think about are the maintenance costs of owning a swim spa. The great thing is that water care for your swim spa is almost as easy as maintaining a hot tub. Since your swim spa stays covered when not in use, a cover helps to keep your water from evaporating and your chemicals balanced. Just check your water a few times a week to make sure your chemical levels are in the correct range. A drain and fill three to four times a year is also a regular part of your maintenance routine. This will help keep your swim spa clean and cared for.

It’s Time to Bring Your Perfect Swim Spa Home

Don’t wait another day to start planning for your incredible swim spa. Download your FREE brochure to discover all of the different features and benefits that a TidalFit Exercise Pool or FitSpa bring to your life. And if you still wonder “how much does a swim spa cost in 2022?”, give us a call for a free quote. We also offer fantastic financing options to help you bring your perfect swim spa home to stay. As always, Juniper in Appleton is your one-stop shop for all of your backyard recreation needs.

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