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How many people can you invite to a hot tub party?

Having a hot tub is not only a great way to relax; it’s also an excellent way to bring friends together to have a good time, catch up on all the latest personal news, and decompress! While adulting can be hard, there’s no doubt that hosting a hot tub party will be the talk of all your friends. You may be wondering how many are too many to invite to your hot tub party. Should you invite only what your hot tub can hold, or is the-more-the-merrier your personal party style?  If planned well, not only will your party leave everyone with smiles on their faces, but will most assuredly have you geared up to plan another event in the near future.

How many is too many?

So you’re making your list and checking it twice…. Are you worried about how many is too many when hosting a hot tub party? Don’t! With attention to detail, you can have a party in and out of the tub. By the end of the evening everyone will be looking at you as the party planner of the year!

When planning your hot tub party you can choose to go in two possible directions. First, you can choose to only invite the number of guests that would fill your tub. When going this route, it would be important to take a good look at your list. Make sure the friends you invite not only enjoy being in a hot tub but also enjoy being around each other. This route may be the one you want to explore if this is your first hot tub party.

But, if you’re ready to take the plunge and host something that will send your hot tub’s jets to pumping, then this second option may be the one for you. It’s absolutely fine to invite more people than you have room in your hot tub for. Take advantage of the additional areas around your backyard. With excellent planning you can ensure everyone will be anything but bored.

Hot Tub Party Planning 101

  • Consider a theme. Themes are always a fun way to get your friends excited about a party. Luaus, sports, and the upcoming holidays are definitely themes you can explore.
  • Predetermine key areas. It will be important to predetermine and then clearly define for your guests where changing areas will be. Also make sure your guests will know where to hang up their wet suits and towels once they are done.
  • BYOT. Depending on the size of your hot tub party, you may want guests to “BYOT”… bring your own towels.  No one likes the idea of having to do a mountain of laundry. If you are planning a larger party, ask guests to bring their own towels.  This will ensure that they have what they need. Provide plenty of drying racks or hooks for your guests to place damp towels on. This way you’ll ensure they are able to reuse their towels.
  • Provide hydration. Besides all of the snacks and beverages you’ll be providing your guests, you will want to have plenty of water and sugar free juices available. 

Hot Tub Prep

  • Sanitize. The night before your hot tub party, make sure your hot tub’s water is clean and clear.
  • Lighting. Check your hot tub’s LED lighting to make sure that it is working properly. Place additional lighting in strategic places so guests can see where they are going when out of the hot tub.
  • Foot rinsing station. There’s nothing worse than finding grass clipping or other debris floating in the hot tub. Provide a foot bath nearby so friends can rinse their feet before entering the tub.
  • Set the temperature. Your guests will acclimate quicker to the tub by setting the temperature between 98 and 102 degrees.

Party Time

  • Proper drinkware. Avoid glassware around your hot tub. Instead, make sure you have plenty of plasticware, paper plates, and plastic cups for your guests to use. Look for fun tableware that will accent your theme.
  • Have fun, but set time limits. Some of your guests may be having such a good time in the hot tub that they don’t want to get out. Set 20 minute time limits so that everyone has multiple opportunities to use the hot tub. By setting a time limit, you’ll also ensure that none of your guests overindulge. It’s important that everyone has time to cool their body temperatures down before re-entering the hot tub.
  • Provide other activities. Some of your guests may attend the party and choose not to use the hot tub, while others are waiting for their turn to enjoy the relaxation that only your tub’s jets can provide. Provide hang out areas around deck and patio areas with plenty of comfortable seating for your guests to enjoy as the night goes on. If you can, provide outdoor patio heaters to keep guests warm in the cool night air. A fire pit is also a great entertaining option for your guests. Not only can they stay cozy warm, but throw some roasting sticks and ingredients for s’mores in the mix and guests can enjoy making a tasty snack. Additional options are having a big screen tv on the patio for sports fans to enjoy the game, games available for playing, and music to dance to. You can even set up an incredible inside area full of recreational fun for all your guests!

So, how many people can you invite to your hot tub party? Large or small is entirely up to you. Regardless of size, you can create a fun memorable hot tub party that will be fondly remembered by all in the months to come. The Pool People offers a wide selection of hot tubs in a variety of sizes and amenities, as well as all the supplies you need to keep your water pristine and clean.  We would love to talk with you about your hot tub needs and answer any questions you might have about hot tub selection, maintenance, and care. Let us help you make your backyard the place where everyone wants to be.

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