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How Long After Shocking My Pool Can I Go Swimming?

Like you, The Pool People team can’t wait to get in our pools this year. But before we dive into that refreshing water, we make sure that our swimming pools are safe and clean for swimming. One of the ways we do this is by shocking the pool. But you aren’t alone if you are asking, “How long after shocking my pool can I go swimming?” The Pool People have all the info you need for a successful swim.

The Shocking Truth!

What is pool shocking? Simply, it is a high-dose chemical application that helps to rid your water of contaminants and bacteria that can be dangerous to people who use your pool. It’s an imperative part of proper pool maintenance — helping to break down leaves, lotions and body oils, and other debris that gets tracked into your pool.

Swimming pool shock can also help to reduce the need for chlorine and other pool chemicals. Shocking your pool helps break down and eliminate organic contaminants, which means that you don’t need to add as much chlorine or other pool chemicals throughout the week to keep your swimming pool water clean.

Shocking & Wait Time: When Can I Go Swimming?

First of all, it is vital to follow the instructions that accompany the swimming pool chemicals you’re using. Those will give you the greatest guidance in knowing when it’s safe to swim again. But we can let you know what to expect.

In most cases, it will likely be unsafe to swim in your recently-shocked pool until at least eight hours have passed, but that range can be as long as twenty-four hours. It’s worth the wait. During those eight to twenty-four hours, chemicals are distributed and absorbed in the water and their levels return to a safe range for swimming. 

EIGHT to TWENTY-FOUR HOURS??? But It’s Summertime, The Pool People!

We know. We’re right there with you. But safety first. The best way to maximize your loss of swim time is to shock your pool overnight. The shock can get to work, and you can enjoy your pool by the next day. In the meantime, enjoy your patio, hot tub, sauna, billiards table, or the rest of the backyard paradise The Pool People helped you plan and build. 

The good news is that unless you’ve had an occasion with an unusually busy swimming pool, you only need to shock your pool once per week, in general. 

Shocking My Pool: Tips for Shocking Results!

First, it’s important to make sure you know what type of pool you have. We offer several brands of above-ground pools, as well as Radiant semi-inground and metric pools. Select the proper chemicals for the kind of pool you have. You can even bring a water sample into one of our four locations for free water testing and expert advice on the shock that’s right for your pool.

Once you have that, it’s time to begin shocking your pool. Again, we can’t emphasize this enough: Be sure to follow the instructions on the label of the pool chemicals you are using. This will help ensure that you don’t add too much or too little to your water. 

Finally, it’s important to maintain a proper pool chemical balance in order to keep your pool safe for swimming. We recommend checking chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels at least twice a week, along with shock treatment for the pool as needed.

And if you have any trouble, give us a call. Unless of course, you don’t have a swimming pool yet, in which case you should definitely click “Get a Free Brochure” at the bottom of our Contact Us page. With The Pool People, you’ll have the pool, chemicals, shock, and assistance you need for a fantastic swim season this year.


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