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How late into the fall can you swim in Wisconsin?
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How late in the fall can you swim in Wisconsin?

The average season to swim in Wisconsin usually runs from June through August, maybe into September, if you don’t mind colder water. After that, it is time to close your pool for the season. It is really up to the individual though, and how exactly you want to utilize your pool. At Juniper, we are here to help you problem solve and find solutions to keep you swimming as long as you like regardless of location.

Try adding a pool heater to extend how long you can swim in Wisconsin!

Adding a heater to your pool will absolutely lengthen your swim season. Did you know that an average heater will increase your water temperatures by 10 to 20 degrees? This could have you out swimming in early May or even into October if you like! It is a super easy solution to extend the use of your pool. If you go out and purchase a gas heater, that could up your temperature by even more! A gas heater can bump pool water up 35 to 40 degrees. We also recommend using a solar cover when not using your pool to keep the water warmer longer. 

Swim in Wisconsin: Rethink what type of pool you might buy so you can swim longer!

If you haven’t purchased a pool yet, you might consider a swim spa instead of a traditional pool to extend your swim season. Using a swim spa, you could even place it in your basement or garage so that you have an indoor pool to use all year long! You won’t need to worry about what the weather is like outside if you are swimming indoors. While a grand indoor pool is out of reach for most, a swim spa is actually more affordable than most traditional pools. You can exercise in them and swim in them. The kids will love it just as much as adults, and you have the perk of it being able to be placed in your own home. Even if you decide to place a swim spa outside, you can still use it year round!

Prepare to close your pool at the end of the season.

Some people prefer to have a basic swimming pool, and that is totally fine as well. If this is you, you should prepare to close your pool when the season ends. When the temperature is consistently below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you will want to begin to consider closing. You will want to either purchase a winterizing chemical set or sign up to have Juniper come out to close your pool for you. This can take the guesswork out of things if you are new to closing your pool for the season. Our blog also has plenty of tips and information to help you navigate pool closing this year. 

It is completely up to you how long you want to use your pool each year, no matter where you live. The Wisconsin winters don’t have to keep you from having as much fun as you like in your pool. If you are still unsure what the best route would be for you to take in your pool journey, reach out to our experts at Juniper. We are here to help. We also have all the pool closing supplies in Wisconsin that you need!

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