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How Does a Hot Tub Cover Lift Work?

Ahhh… that feeling when you first sink into the warm waters of your hot tub. It’s relaxing and wonderful in every way. When you are ready to get into your hot tub, you don’t want to be delayed by trying to remove the hot tub cover, especially when it’s cold out. You also don’t want to damage the cover in the process of trying to remove it. This is why at Juniper we recommend using a hot tub cover lift to remove your hot tub cover quickly and safely. So how does a hot tub cover lift work? Let’s explore how and why it’s so wonderful.

The Mechanics

The purpose of a hot tub cover lift is to remove your hot tub cover quickly and safely. While all lifts will accomplish this purpose, there are different styles and features with various price points to consider. You can choose from features such as manual pivot lifts to hydraulics to shelf lifts, various shapes and sizes, and different ways to mount the lift to the hot tub. What cover lift is best depends both on your hot tub and your preferences. Our team at Juniper can help you sort through the options and find the right one for you!

Protects Your Cover

Your hot tub cover is an essential accessory for your hot tub. It protects your hot tub from the outside world by keeping things such as cold winds, snow, ice, and other debris out. With Wisconsin winter weather, this protection is critical. The hot tub cover also helps insulate the hot tub and allows it to work more efficiently. 

Because of these benefits, protecting your cover is critical. A hot tub cover lift will carefully remove your hot tub cover and store it safely while you enjoy time in your hot tub. Without a doubt, protecting your hot tub cover in this way extends the hot tub cover’s life and effectiveness. 

Protects You

A hot tub cover lift protects more than your hot tub. It protects you and your family as well. Lifting a hot tub cover alone or with help can be an arduous task. Heavy lifting and sometimes awkward positioning can lead to injury. It also protects your hot tub from unwanted access. If you have kids or pets at home, a locking hot tub cover will keep your spa safely closed when not in use. A hot tub cover lift is an investment in your hot tub, your family, and yourself.

Protects Your Wallet

A properly functioning hot tub cover seals in heat, prevents unwanted leaks, and keeps the Wisconsin cold out. This prevents high energy expenditure from heating and reheating your water. As the cover lift protects the hot tub cover, it allows your hot tub cover to continue functioning properly, allowing energy costs to stay low. 

Don’t wait until your hot tub cover or your wallet are damaged before you decide to invest in a hot tub cover lift. Now that you know how a hot tub cover lift works, it’s time to choose the hot tub of your dreams! Our spectacular models from Artesian Spas™, Viking Spas™, Aspen Spas, Strong® Spas, and Dream Maker Spas™ all have cover and lift options that will make owning a spa truly enjoyable. Contact us today or stop by our Appleton location for all your winter and cold weather hot tub needs.


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