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How Does a Fire Table Work?

If you’re interested in a fire table, but not sure how one of these tables works, you’ve come to the right place. The Pool People proudly offer a line of Sunvilla fire tables as part of our outdoor living products. Fire tables use gas to burn fire. The fire is real — it’s simply a different burning method. Fire tables also use fire glass to cover the gas burners on the table. Read on to learn more about this sensational addition for your home. 

All About Fire Tables

Fire tables can add some visual appeal to your backyard. But people often have questions, such as does it keep you warm? Where does the fire come from? What are all those little glass rocks on the top of the table for? These are common questions people ask when looking to buy a fire table.

First off, the fire from the table does keep you warm. But unlike a fire pit, these tables don’t produce all that smoke. Finally, you can have an outdoor fire without constantly getting smoke in your face.

As already addressed, the fire comes from gas burners. But wait! You’re probably thinking, “I don’t see any gas burners on these tables. What are you talking about?” This is where the pretty glass “rocks” come in – also known as fire glass.

This glass sort of looks like small multi-colored rocks and definitely creates a better ambiance than gas burners would. The glass is used to cover the burners and almost gives the sense that the fire is coming directly from the fire glass. These also get quite hot when there’s a fire going, so be careful not to touch them.

Uses for a Fire Table

A fire table is a great addition to your patio. You can use it as the focal point of your outdoor space, placing all your outdoor patio furniture around it. It’s a great source of heat for everyone to gather around during those chillier summer nights. 

Some fire tables are also big enough to double as an outdoor eating table, so you can use it as the main table for your outdoor dining space. The added heating element is just an extra benefit during your outdoor summer dinners. 

You can also opt to buy a smaller table in place of having a fire pit. Pull it out for all those summer nights you spend with friends and family around a fire. It offers all the warmth with none of the smoke. 

Add Ambiance to Your Outdoor Living Space

At The Pool People, we offer a number of great outdoor living products, with the Sunvilla fire table being among them. In addition to this table, we have a selection of grills and patio furniture, including hammocks and outdoor umbrellas.

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard or patio area, our professional team can definitely help you find some great additions to your space. And now that you know everything about a fire table and how it works, it could be a beautiful item for you to have in your outdoor area.

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