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get snow off my hot tub with a covana cover
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How Do I Get Snow Off My Hot Tub?

Using your hot tub in winter is one of the most pleasurable things you can do. However, it is winter and we are in Wisconsin. That combination usually means one thing: snow. About now you are probably wondering “How do I get snow off my hot tub?” Snow and hot tubbing are not mutually exclusive. That being said, you do need to remove that snow from your hot tub so that your spa is usable. Let’s take a look at measures you can take to not only get snow off your hot tub but prevent it entirely. 

Use the Proper Tools to Get Snow Off the Hot Tub Cover

The last thing you want to do is damage your hot tub cover. If you use a sharp or heavy shovel for snow removal, you risk tearing or puncturing the cover, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. The best thing to use is a long-handled soft brush to sweep the snow off the top of the hot tub cover. If the snow has turned to ice, don’t slide it around on the cover top because ice can cause damage too. The best practice is to remove the snow before it becomes a heavy load or turns to ice.

Prevent Snow and Ice From Sticking to Your Hot Tub Cover

There are some products that prevent snow and ice from sticking to your hot tub cover. There is an item called a “hot tub cover cap” that you can put on over the top of your hot tub cover. Imagine a shower cap with elasticized sides that fits over your hot tub cover. If it gets snowed on, you can remove it easily and avoid damaging your actual hot tub cover. 

Enclose the Entire Hot Tub to Keep Snow Off

The ultimate way to get snow off your hot tub is to prevent it from getting there in the first place. That means having some sort of enclosure that covers the area where the hot tub is located. A covered patio, a canopy, or a gazebo are some structures that will protect your hot tub from not just snow, but rain and sun as well. Juniper sells Covana spa covers, which have retractable roofs which are super insulated hot tub covers that can be raised to create a gazebo-style roof over the top of your spa. Imagine being able to use your hot tub by simply turning a key that raises the roof of your hot tub, transforming it into an accessible, private, and protected spa you can enjoy no matter how severe the winter climate is. Simply brush off the cover. You will never have to worry about how to get snow off your hot tub again!

Your hot tub was a big investment, and the team at Juniper wants to be sure you get the most out of it. Using your spa in the winter months is a pleasure not to be missed. Use your hot tub to stay warm outside, socialize with family and friends, and continue your hydrotherapy no matter what the weather. When you wonder “How do I get snow off my hot tub?” know that Juniper has your back with all the essential supplies you need to make your hot tub experience great all year long!


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