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How do I care for my hot tub or swim spa cover in Wisconsin’s heavy snow?

The holidays are over and the full force of Wisconsin’s beautiful winter will be here soon. Although that snow is stunning, the weight of it can be detrimental to your favorite backyard amenities. So how do I care for my hot tub or swim spa cover in Wisconsin’s heavy snow? Let’s take a look at some quick tips that can keep your hot tub or swim spa ownership successful this year.

Hot Tub and Swim Spa Winter Care

Having a hot tub or swim spa in the Wisconsin winter is a dream come true. From an invigorating morning soak or swim to start your day to a soothing evening soak that resets both body and mind, a hot tub or swim spa is an unmatched asset in the support of your health.

That’s why you want to take care of your spectacular spa well. Often, you think of hot tub or swim spa maintenance as water care, drain and fills, and filter cleaning. And all of those are true! But one thing you just can’t forget in winter is your cover.

A hot tub cover and swim spa cover are your first defense in keeping your spa safe and sound. From the security of preventing unwanted access to keeping out debris, a quality cover protects both your spa and the ones you love the most. In addition, a quality hot tub cover keeps all of that soothing heat where it belongs – inside your spa. You’ll benefit from energy efficient bills when your hot tub cover is taken care of correctly.

Tips for Your Cover in Winter

If you are asking, “How do I care for my hot tub or swim spa in Wisconsin’s heavy snow?”, we are here to help.

To ensure that your cover is operating at peak performance, it is important that your hot tub winter care and swim spa winter care are monitored closely. Complete weekly checks to make sure everything is in order.

  1. If you have a vinyl cover, treat your hot tub or swim spa cover before the first snow with a conditioning product to keep your cover from drying out in the bitter Wisconsin winter. This will help keep your vinyl strong and smooth so that it does not crack. Cracked covers will become waterlogged and heavy, and will not be able to support the weight of the snow.
  2. For hot tub winter care, brush off snow with a broom or hand brush, starting at the outside edges and brushing carefully until all of the snow is unloaded.
  3. For swim spa winter care, do the same, brushing off the edges and working your way toward the center. If your swim spa is taller and you need to use something to reach the middle, opt for a broom instead of bringing a ladder or chair out in the slippery snow.

Taking care of your cover will help keep your spa in prime condition so that you can enjoy using your treasured aquatic space all winter long.

Wisconsin Winter Care with Juniper

As always, you can count on the trusted advice and products from Juniper. Do you have questions about how to care for your hot tub or swim spa cover this year? Give us a call anytime at (920) 739-9522. Or stop in our Appleton store to chat with our friendly staff about the best options for your hot tub or swim spa this winter.

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