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how big a sauna size should I get?
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How Big a Sauna Size Should I Get?

Making the decision to get a sauna could be one of your best ideas yet. You have done your research on the benefits of using a sauna regularly and can hardly wait to get started. You practically start to sweat just thinking about the warmth of the sauna’s heat surrounding you. The only question holding you up is, “How big of a sauna size should I get?” Never fear, Juniper is here to make some suggestions that will help you figure out once and for all what size sauna will be the best option for you and your family!

Choice of Location Could Dictate the Sauna Size

Do you live in a tiny home? Your choices of where to locate your sauna could depend on where you can squeeze one in. Luckily, a sauna can fit nicely under a stairwell or even in a closet. There are plenty of people who live in small one or two-bedroom homes who have found space to fit in a sauna. A small-sized sauna is a perfect choice for those of us who are space challenged.

On the other hand, if you have a large basement that is begging to be finished or renovated, a sauna is a great place to start. Or if you have grown children who have moved away from home, their former bedroom could lend itself to being transformed into the home gym you have always dreamed of. What better addition to it than a sauna? In these cases, you could opt for a larger sauna size as space isn’t as much of an issue.

Many people decide that they want to place their sauna outside in nature. In that case, you would want to choose a sauna size that best accommodates your outside space. Almost Heaven® makes traditional Finnish barrel-shaped saunas, as well as cabin-style saunas, complete with a porch and bench seating outside the unit. Obviously, with an outdoor sauna, space is not as restricted, so a larger sauna size is a viable option. 

How Many People Will Be Using the Sauna at One Time?

When choosing the sauna size that will suit you best, your best criteria is the number of people who will be using it at the same time. If you regard the sauna as a personal and private retreat, you may not relish the idea of sharing the space with others. In that case, a sauna for one person may be just right for you.

Alternatively, perhaps the idea of sharing the sauna with your significant other is appealing to you. It is well known that relationships benefit from shared intimate settings and activities. Why not gain all the benefits a sauna has to offer with your partner by your side in a 2-person sauna? Finally, if you are someone who views the sauna as a venue for social interaction, you may want to opt for a sauna that seats 4 to 6 individuals. 

Whether you have the space and desire for a small sauna or can spread out with a larger sauna size, Juniper can make your vision a reality. Our professional staff in Appleton, Wisconsin is on hand to help you finalize your choice with the sauna size that best suits your needs and space. We are confident that one of our Pro6® or Almost Heaven® saunas will be the right choice for you. Come on in and let us help you find your perfect fit today. 

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