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Helping Friends Who Have Kids With Sensory Disorder

For many parents of kids with sensory disorder, one of the things they want most for their child is to experience acceptance and friendship. But the benefits go both ways! Being friends with a kid with sensory disorder will help your own child practice inclusion and experience empathy. It’s completely normal if you want to be supportive and help your friend but you’re not sure what to do. Here are a few tips. 

Don’t be shy. 

You may be nervous to invite your friend’s child over for a playdate because you don’t know how to prepare your child or what modifications might be needed. You could turn to educational books about sensory disorder, and that’s never a bad idea, but the best resource is your friend. Just ask how she feels about getting your kids together for a play date. And then talk about any questions you have on your mind. Most people would be glad to talk about their child’s sensory disorder, in the context of getting your kids together to socialize, especially if the questions come from a friend. She’ll be able to give you a heads-up on anything that you can do to make the visit a victory.

Issue lots of invitations. 

Don’t hesitate to issue an invitation just because you’re not sure the event is a good one for a kid with sensory disorder. Just invite them. Birthday parties, movie nights, pool parties, play dates, anything … just issue the invitation and let your friend decide if her child should attend. 

Offer up your pool and/or spa.

Did you know that hydrotherapy has been shown to be beneficial for kids with some sensory disorders? It’s not fully known why hydrotherapy helps kids, especially with social interactions, but it’s theorized that the water helps spastic muscles relax, provides multiple sensory stimuli, and provides a peaceful environment that helps soothe overloaded senses. Whatever the reason it helps, your friend may love the chance to let her kiddo experience hydrotherapy in your pool or hot tub

The path to friendship may not always be smooth, but you can be sure both your kid and hers will benefit from spending time together. And you’ll be offering some much-needed support to a hardworking mom who could really use a friend! We’re glad to be here to offer some support to you. If you need water care chemicals or pool supplies before you invite anyone over for a swim, stop by. We’ve got everything you need. 

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