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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Give a Billiards Table as a Surprise Gift

Are you already humming “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”? Then it sounds like it’s the perfect time for you to get started on a little Christmas shopping! You have decided to go all out for that special someone in your life. Not only do you want to go all out, but you want it to be an absolute surprise. You’ve given it a lot of thought and it’s either go big or go home. So let’s address the elephant in the room… or in this case the billiard table you want to surprise someone with. Is it possible to give a billiards table as a surprise gift for Christmas? Absolutely! Giving a gift of a billiard table is much easier than you probably think. Sure, it’s not going to fit in a stocking or under the tree, but it won’t be a problem to make this beautiful piece of art a part of your home décor. Here at The Pool People we have a spectacular selection of billiards tables and supplies to completely fit your needs.

It’s larger than a bread box!

As you well know, a billiards table isn’t a small package. It’s going to take time and effort to pull of your perfect plan. You will be able to successfully surprise someone with the ideal game table by giving your attention to the timing of everything. Do you know the exact table you want to purchase? If not, come see us today! Weeks in advance of Christmas you will want to check and see if the billiard table you want is in stock.  If not, we can see if your exquisite billiard table can be ordered. 

Have a Little Help From Your Friends

Friends and neighbors can be a huge help in the execution of your master plan of surprise. First off, you’ve got to get the person you are surprising out of the house for the day. Having some friends take him or her on a day of adventure will set you up for success. This will enable you to take care of details that need to be addressed before delivery takes place.  You want to make delivery as efficient as possible by creating a clear route for the delivery team to use. Having additional friends or neighbors helping you clear a path will speed things along… and it’s an added bonus when they help you return everything where it belongs once delivery is complete.

Installation Intrigue

Your installation will be a breeze if the room where you are setting up the billiard table is clear and as open as possible. Marking the space with tape will ensure the installation team will be certain of where the table should go. A standard 6′ to 7′ billiards table will take roughly 1.5 to 2 hours to install, level, and then clean up of all packaging. A professional installation will leave no trace.  By the time the lucky recipient of your amazing gift arrives home, they will be none the wiser that anyone was ever there.  You will have only one thing to do from this point forward. Now your mission will be all about keeping the person distracted and away from the room where their billiard table awaits.

The Big Reveal

How you choose to present your billiards table can be as imaginative or as straightforward as you like. Are you a great secret keeper or are you one of those people who has a tell that lets everyone know something is up? Don’t be behind the eight ball when planning your reveal. With all the lengths you’ve gone to, you definitely want the reveal to be a big deal. You may want to invite some of your pool-playing friends over to share in the surprise. Maybe you leave a trail of billiard chalk cubes like a trail of breadcrumbs. Either way, the process involved from start to finish will be a story that you will share for many years to come.

What should I do now?

If you are ready to pull off the perfect Christmas surprise, come in and see us today! Boost your game room experience to the next level of entertainment with a billiards table from The Pool People. You’ll find superior craftsmanship and unequaled playability from several of the world’s top pool table designers. Stop in today at one of our four convenient locations to sink your eight ball into an exceptional pool table from a brand that will provide you with the best in enjoyable game play. Want to boost the surprise even more? Ask us about our in-stock McDermott Cue of the Month! With 15% off MSRP at The Pool People, your gift recipient is going to love you forever and ever. We’ll even honor a discount on any cue-of-the-month stock that we have remaining from a previous month if you ask. So what are you waiting for? Come in to The Pool People today to start your journey to the most exciting Christmas you’ve ever had.

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