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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Get Ready for Springtime Fun with the Latest Family Games!

Spring is in the air, and everyone is excited for the last smidge of winter to clear. Soon we’ll all be able to enjoy the Wisconsin spring. And after some hibernating winter months, we can’t wait to embrace some springtime activities. There are great outdoor games to get back into such as cornhole or ultimate frisbee, plus we have a little more energy for family game nights! With the change in seasons, it might be a good time to shake up some of your normal, go-to games. Maybe try your hand at a little foosball or ping pong? Or splurge on home arcade games. If you’re hoping to change up your springtime activities, check out some of the latest family games every age will enjoy!

Try Your Hand at Some Tabletop Games

It’s a pretty much universal truth that kids love foosball. It seems like everyone wanted to play this table football game as a kid. And if you loved it as a child, why wouldn’t your kids? Foosball tables are great entertainment for those rainy spring days.

And if football’s not your style, maybe you should check out a bubble hockey table! It’s a tabletop hockey game for anyone who prefers pucks over pigskins. You’ll find the same concept as foosball, but it’s a little more enjoyable for all the hockey lovers out there.

Feel Nostalgic with Home Arcade Games

Who didn’t love spending time at the arcade while growing up? If every spare quarter you had as a kid went to the local arcade, you’d love having arcade games at home. And it’s not just about the nostalgia of your favorite game. There’s nothing better than watching your kid discover their love for a game that you played when you were their age. It’s important to share common interests with your children, and they’ll love the fact that you guys can have fun together doing something you both enjoy.

Perfect Your Hand-to-Eye Coordination

If you’re looking for a more challenging game, why not try your hand at darts? Every game takes skill, of course, but darts definitely require a little more practice than foosball. Add a dart board to your home to conjure up a little friendly adult competition.

For more kid-friendly coordination games, you could try a ping pong table. They are entertaining for pretty much all ages. Air hockey is another good option. However, air hockey tables are also a pretty common go-to for family game nights. Why not be a little more non-traditional and opt for shuffleboard? A masterfully crafted shuffleboard table can add some beauty to your home. Plus, it’s something kids and grandparents alike can enjoy. Grandma or grandpa will be asking to babysit all the time!

Find the Latest Family Games

Did any of these fun family games pique your interest? Are you sold on a new bubble hockey table, or some home arcade games? If you want to add some fun family games to your home this spring, come and see us at The Pool People. We offer a wide selection of games and can help you find something fun and exciting for the whole family to enjoy!

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