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Get Ahead of the Fall Chill with a New Hot Tub!

We know you’ve been thinking about a new hot tub — and rightly so. The transition between the extremes of a Wisconsin summer and winter is the perfect time to begin a hot tub lifestyle. Not only will you experience the health benefits that hot tubbing provides, you’ll enjoy the seasons like never before. Here are a few of the transformational experiences offered by the hot tub of your dreams.

A New Hot Tub – A New Way to Enjoy the Weather

The leaves will soon be changing from shades of green to a gallery of glorious color. The heat of summer resigns to more moderate fall days folded between chilly nights and fresh, crisp mornings. The air is filled with the unique aromas of the season. It’s a great time to be outdoors.

It’s also a great time to relax outdoors. Autumn is nature’s way of slowing us down. That’s what makes embarking on a new hot tub experience ideal at this time of the year. Focus on enjoying your new hot tub and the relaxation it offers. Meanwhile, you will be surrounded by the sensations of the season. Chances are, you will become much more aware and thankful of the beauty around you.

A New Hot Tub – A New Way to Enjoy Entertainment

Six things come to mind along with the fall chill: football, Halloween, football, harvest, and football. Wait… that’s only five. We forgot to mention football.

And what can we say about Halloween and harvest? One word. Party!

There is no better place to party than in and around your new hot tub. Whether you gather your family or invite a few friends, enjoy a soiree spotlighted by time in the hot tub. Select a spa with an integrated Bluetooth stereo and Bluecube mini-amp system to provide the music to create the ideal ambiance.

Then there is football. Did you know that football and hot tubs are the fall’s new BFFs? You no longer have to suffer hour after hour indoors rooting for the Badgers or the Packers. You can watch the games on available in-spa smart TVs while you relax in the warmth of the soothing water and massage of the hydrotherapy jets. Grab your Cheesehead gear and head for the backyard!

A New Hot Tub – A New Way to Enjoy the Winter

Have you ever experienced the sublime joy of soaking in a warm, bubbling hot tub while surrounded by the beauty of the new-fallen snow? Having enjoyed the autumn in your private spa, you may find that you enjoy the winter months even more! There’s nothing in the world like it.

Wisconsin’s seasons were made for hot tubs. In your quest for that perfect spa, you’ve finally come to the right place. With beautiful models from Artesian SpasTM , Four Winds SpasTM, Strong® Spas and Dream Maker SpasTM, you are sure to find the perfect model to fit your needs. Stop by one of our showrooms in Schofield, Stevens Point, or Rhinelander. Or contact us via our website at www.poolpeople.com. Schedule your free, after-hours, private test soak to wet test the incredible spa options that The Pool People carry. One of our expert staff members will be on hand to answer any questions that you have, fit you to the correct spa for your height, and show you the amenities and features of the different brands and models. With the largest selection around, don’t miss out on experiencing the life-transforming benefits of a new hot tub from The Pool People.


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