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Get a Total Body Workout with a Swim Spa

More and more people are finding that swim spas are the perfect versatile backyard fixture. You know you can relax and entertain in your swim spa. But did you know you can also get a total body workout with a swim spa? Water workouts in an exercise pool are low impact, making them ideal exercises for all ages and movement ranges. The water in your swim spa acts as a gentle resistance to your movements, increasing the effectiveness of each exercise.

The Gym that Never Closes

Workout routines everywhere were thrown into chaos last year when the gyms closed. Contrarily, swim spa owners didn’t miss a day of their workout regimen, except for when they took a day off to relax in their swim spa instead. For those with a swim spa at home, the gym can open and close when it wants, and you will still have access to your fitness space at all times. Even in the deep cold of a Wisconsin winter, your swim spa is the perfect tool for a cold-weather workout. Your swim spa is the gym that never closes.

Get a Total Body Workout with a Swim Spa

Now, where to begin with your swim spa fitness session? Artesian Spas™ equips their TidalFit® Exercise Pools and FitSpas with everything you need to complete a full body workout in your swim spa. So, push play on your favorite workout playlist and hop in your exercise pool! Try out these swim spa workouts and incorporate the ones that work for you into your regular regimen.

Upper Body: Low Resistance Swim Spa Pushups

For this aquatic pushup, position yourself in a pushup position with your hands resting on the swim spa fitness bar. Next, lower yourself into a pushup, stopping before your face hits the water. Push yourself back into position and repeat.

Upper Body: Water Fly Backs

To start, stand in your swim spa and place one leg forward in a lunge. Bring your hands straight out in front of your chest and hold your palms together. Open your arms straight back wide until they are out from your sides in a T-pose. Then, close them back together slowly, letting the water provide resistance. Repeat in sets, switching legs in your lunge between sets.

Core: Swim Spa Crunches

For this submerged alternative to on-land crunches, hold on to your swim spa fitness bar and extend your legs into the water. Next, bring your knees toward your chest in a crunch motion. Extend your legs back and start again!

Core: Exercise Pool Twists

Hold a water safe dumbbell with both hands against your stomach and slightly bend your knees. Twist slowly from side to side in the water. 

Lower Body: Water Jogging

To exercise your lower body, try jogging or running in place in your swim spa. Raise your knees as high as you can as you jog. Also, you can turn on a swim spa water current to increase resistance.

Lower Body: Flutter Kick

First, you’ll want to keep your water current on from your water jogging exercise. Hold on to the fitness bar and let the current lift you horizontally in the spa. Then, kick your legs quickly like you are swimming, continuing for a couple minutes.


Juniper is Your Appleton Swim Spa Source

Don’t wait another day to start your swim spa fitness journey. Juniper is your spot for Artesian Spas TidalFit Exercise Pools and FitSpas in Appleton. So keep these swim spa workouts handy and give us a call or stop by our store to shop swim spas today! With your perfect swim spa, the gym is always and forever open.

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