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Games To Keep Kids Entertained Through Summer (and Off Screens!)

We’ve all been there. Two weeks into summer vacation and the kids are longing to be back in school already. Are you tired of the bickering, the mess the house is in, and having your kids in a trance in front of a video game? We are here to help with some ideas for games to keep kids entertained through summer (and off screens!). First of all, it is essential to determine how much screen time is allowed each day and plan for some fun alternate activities your kids can do instead of vegging on the sofa in front of the TV or video console. 

Set Up a Game Room to Keep Kids Entertained Through Summer

You can use your family room, an unused dining room, a spare bedroom, an area in the basement, a screened-in porch, or other designated space to set up a game room for your kids to enjoy. You will have created a separate area specifically for them to use for other activities instead of staring at their devices all day. Ideally, this room will be multifunctional, with areas set up for specific games or projects.

Include a Table for Board Games and Puzzles

It’s a great idea to include a table and chairs for playing board games, cards, or working on jigsaw puzzles. The table also doubles as a spot to sit and have a snack or a beverage or work on an art project.  Shelving, baskets, or a cabinet to store board games, puzzles, and art supplies is essential. Including an all-purpose table for a multitude of activities is one of the best ways to keep kids entertained through summer.

Sports-Related Game Tables Add Loads of Fun

A sports-related game table will keep your kids engaged for hours at a time and add a load of fun to your game room. There are so many options available it will be hard to choose! At the Pool People, you’ll find air hockey tables, bubble hockey tables, and foosball tables. Our staff can help you zero in on which one is right for you. Most of these games can be played alone or with friends and family members. If you are looking to keep kids entertained through summer, one or more game tables will do the trick.

Pinball or Arcade Games Raise the Excitement Level

If you add a pinball machine or other arcade game to your game room, it will promote lots of great competition between the kids you are hoping to keep entertained through the summer. These are available in a variety of themes from movies, comic book heroes, rock and roll bands, and sports.

The Pool People has great options for pinball and arcade games, so come into our showroom and learn about the different models available. You are sure to find one that will thrill your kids all summer and beyond.

The Ultimate In-Game Tables to Keep Kids Entertained Through Summer

If you have the space for a larger game table, a shuffleboard, ping pong, or pool table would be the ultimate addition to your game room. This investment definitely is not just to keep kids entertained, as the adults in the family will enjoy hours of entertainment with it as well.

The Pool People carries the top brands from the leading designers in the industry, as well as all the supplies needed for a great game experience. The addition of a large game table will elevate your game room to new heights and become a focal point in your home for wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

Want to encourage less screen time for your kids this summer? We think setting up a designated game room for other activities is the way to go. The Pool People has all the games to keep kids entertained through summer (and off screens!). You may just find that even when they go back to school in the fall, your kids will continue to spend more time in the game room than on their electronic devices.

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