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3 Fun Dart Games You Can Play By Yourself

Darting with friends and family is incredibly fun. But solo darting can also be a wonderful way to get some practice in and relax as well. Improve your skills by trying out some of these fun dart games you can play by yourself.

Cricket for One

Cricket is one of the most popular dart games in America. To play by yourself, the only numbers on the dartboard you need to think about are the numbers 20 through 15 and the bullseye.

Throwing three darts per turn, try to hit three marks for each number in order to win. If you throw a dart in the area labelled single, you get a point. Throw a double and you’ve earned two points.  Hit a triple and you have scored all three marks with one dart. You are doing great! Write down your results in a column. After you complete one round, start a new column. Your opponent is your previous round. Try to beat each number by scoring more marks in the next round.

Solo Around the World

Playing this game is another perfect way to get in some practice while learning unfamiliar parts of the dartboard.

The point of the game is to go around the dartboard from the number 1 through 20. Start or finish on the Bullseye. Give yourself three darts to try to hit each number. Once you’ve hit the number in sequence, go ahead to the next target.

Want more of a challenge? Try playing with only one dart per turn. If you miss a number, you have to start over from the beginning. Hit a double? Move two numbers ahead. Hit a triple? Then jump three numbers ahead.

Baseball Darts Against Yourself

Love baseball? Well the point of this baseball dart game is to get as many points as possible in innings (numbers) 1 – 9. If you miss an inning number, you get an out.

When playing the dart game of Baseball solo, try to score as many runs as possible per inning with each 3-dart turn. Once you get three outs, or when the round is over, start over and try to beat your previous score.

That’s it. It’s simple and fun.

Single Player Darting is Great Practice

Many dart games are easily adapted for single players. So go ahead. Get some practice in.  Relax and enjoy!

Game Of Darts

While the game of darts is actually a competitive sport played by professionals, it’s great fun for non-pros, too. And who would have thought? This popular game has health benefits, too! Darting can relieve stress, increase concentration and improve eye-hand coordination and brain agility to boot. You’ve surely seen darting in bars, clubs and recreation centers. Well how about right in your own home?

If you don’t have a dart board yet, we can fix that. Hurry in to one of our fantastic superstores to see the best dart boards and accessories available. We carry top brands such as Viper, Cue & Case, and Bottlesen Darts, to name just a few. With an unrivaled selection in darting, The Pool People are your one-stop-shop for all your dart game needs.


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