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Up Your Gaming Experience with Fully-Connected Home Arcade Games

Arcade games aren’t just for the arcade anymore. The days of hitting up Mom and Dad for quarters several times a night have given way to a new, digital age. All you need is WiFi to play computer-generated opponents and remote competitors connected to the internet. 

This is the experience we offer our customers at Juniper. From retro to contemporary, we bring a vast library of arcade games right to you in your position of power at the console. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a total newbie, you can count on the best of both worlds: entertainment and competitive challenge.

Arcade Games for the 21st Century Gamer

In this day and age, we are more connected than ever to a universe of digital entertainment. But sometimes, that little computer you carry in your pocket (and occasionally use as a phone) just doesn’t cut it. There’s a magic about conquering your pixelated domain of choice with a joist stick and a series of buttons that a mobile device can’t match.

So where does this put the look and feel of old-school arcade games in this brave, new world? Simply put, they are the throne where your pocket game system is the equivalent of a folding chair. It is the large, impressive furnishing for your private castle as opposed to the super-simplified stuff that follows you on the go. 

We hunger for the throne-sized digital fun at Juniper. That’s just one reason why we work hard for the people who play hard. If you’re wondering how at-home arcade games can elevate your overall gaming experience, consider the following…

Expansive Game Menus

Imagine being seated at an arcade game that walks and talks like the consoles of yore. The kind that lived in a row of similar consoles, equipped with one and only one game. 

Fast forward to the 21st century. Now, we have the technology to upload an entire library of games to an arcade game console. This is the case with so many arcade game consoles on the market today, including the products we sell at Juniper

With one of our units, you can play a pinball game with a Star Wars theme for one game and then switch to a Family Guy theme for the next game. Or, you could step up to a console equipped with Pac-Man, Frogger, Cobra, and over 50 other classic video games. No matter what era you prefer to dominate, the options are at your fingertips.

Unprecedented Connectability

Yes, arcade games should provide a healthy sense of nostalgia. But make no mistake. The systems we’re talking about keep the best of the WiFi age possible. That means you can compete with not just computer-generated players but other registered users across the internet.

This has become especially important to gamers navigating the post-pandemic landscape. Has it been a while since you reunited with your college roommates? Bring them together for a game through your new arcade system.

And the glory doesn’t stop there. With the internet at your disposal, you can broadcast your gaming experiences on YouTube™. What’s more empowering than knowing your adventures can influence a thriving community of gamers?

Building Your Own Home Arcade

Yes! You can, in fact, experience the old-school thrill of arcade games at home. So save your quarters for the parking meter. Just one console is enough to bring you dozens of fun-filled classics to your personal space.

The only question remaining is where to find these exciting game products. Juniper is your premier resource for game room staples in Appleton, Wisconsin. Contact us or visit our store today. We’ll walk you through our selection of home arcade products for your private gaming empire.

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