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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Family-Friendly Game Room Ideas

No matter how old we are, at the end of the day, we all just want to have fun! Are you looking to teach your kids a game you like to play? Tired of just sitting around the television? Want to find new ways to connect with your family and have fun while doing so? If you have the space, take a look at these awesome game-changing, family-friendly game room ideas. You may discover having a family-friendly game room is easier than you thought.

Epic Table Games

Put the cards away and go bigger when thinking about table games. Create an area where you can enjoy fun and family-friendly competition. Some epic table games that give an instant upgrade for a family game room could include:

  • A foosball table: There’s table talk allowed in this fun, competitive team game.
  • A ping pong table: It is visually appealing and easy to maintain and move around.
  • A pool table: Instantly transform your room with style. 
  • A shuffleboard table: A competitive and incredibly fun space saver.

These larger table games offer you a chance to teach your kids skills that are helpful in sports and other types of games. They are also games where multiple people can play for the ultimate game room fun. All of these larger table games have quite a variety of game versions that can be played on them. Though these games will be the main attraction, place a table and sitting area close by. It will be the perfect place for having a drink or snack while cheering on the players or waiting for your turn. Think about all the smiles and laughter that can be shared around one or more of these fantastic table games. Your children will be delighted, and you’ll be creating a space they can enjoy no matter their age. 

Level Up Arcade Style

Go retro and put the game controllers to the side. Relive your old arcade days and share stories with your kids as you outfit an area of your game room with some full-sized arcade games! How much fun will it be to see your children compete to beat your high score? Maybe you’ll clue them in on some gameplay you’ve learned, or perhaps they’ll teach you a thing or two?

Create a Stylish Game Nook

No need to leave the card and board games out in the cold. Add a stylish game table in the mix and you’ll have a place to invite your family and friends over to play games that everyone will enjoy.

Keep it Versatile

A family-friendly game room will remain fresh and inviting if you keep it versatile. Add elements that everyone in the family enjoys, and you will keep them coming back for more. Make sure to make the area inviting with warm lighting, area rugs, and comfortable seating, Involve the whole family in deciding on an overall theme and then find the pieces that fit perfectly. 

Wouldn’t you love to surprise your family with a family-friendly game room to call their own? Come visit us today at Juniper. We have an epic selection of game tables, arcade games, gaming supplies, and game tables to choose from. Save time and come to the one place where you can find everything your heart desires for your family game room.


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