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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

We Are The Premiere Pool and Spa Dealer for Wisconsin & beyond!

Everything You Need to Stock Your AirBNB

Surveys have shown that when guests are looking to book an Airbnb, amenities offered are some of the top priorities. Of course simple items like extra toilet paper are great, but what about the real amenities, like a hot tub or pool? Well, we have everything you need to stock your Airbnb.

Launch Your Airbnb Listing to the Top

One of the top amenities guests look for when booking an Airbnb is a pool. So, if you want to put your Airbnb listing at the top, you may want to consider adding a pool to your wonderful vacation space. Whether inground or above ground, you will be adding to the appeal of your listing and make your guests’ experiences even better.

Heat Things Up

You may worry about the year-round value of adding a pool since you are in Wisconsin, or you may just not have room for a pool at the Airbnb. That’s okay! The appeal of a pool to guests is to relax while they’re on vacation. So instead of a pool, add a hot tub or a swim spa for your guests. 

Both of these options are smaller than a pool, although a swim spa provides some of the same benefits. Plus, they’ll still make your listing more attractive for guests. And, if you don’t want to worry about maintaining your hot tub yourself, you can sign up for our hot tub valet service.

Get Out the Games

Family games are one of the most fun parts of a vacation. When your guests stay at your Airbnb, they will probably only have cards and dice to entertain themselves, if anything. So, why not stock your Airbnb with some games? 

We’re not talking about just your average board games, though, although those could be a great amenity. Instead, we’re talking about having a full on game room at your Airbnb. Grab a few fan-favorite games to stock the game room, such as:

  • billiards 
  • foosball 
  • dart boards
  • ping pong tables
  • arcade games
  • and more

By adding a game room to your Airbnb, your guests will be able to entertain themselves from the comfort of their home away from home. These games are fun for all ages, and people are always looking for things to do while on vacation. Plus, think of all the parents who will see your Airbnb listing, and their kids who will think it’s so cool there is a free game room where they’re staying. You’ll add so much joy to their stay!

Stock Your Airbnb Today

At The Pool People, we have everything you need to stock your Airbnb. From pools, to hot tubs and swim spas, and even games for your game room, we really are a one-stop shop. Plus, if you need help up front while your listing gains traction, we have financing options

Whenever you’re ready to stock up, we’re ready to help. Just stop by one of our locations across Wisconsin. One of our team members will be here and ready to help you pick the perfect amenities for your Airbnb guests.

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