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Snow Affect My Above-Ground Pool
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Does Snow Affect My Above-Ground Pool?

Snow in Wisconsin is nothing new. It is especially wonderful for those who enjoy winter sports, as it is certainly a skier’s and snowboarder’s dream. While a winter wonderland inspires spending time around the fireplace sipping hot chocolate, your above-ground pool needs special attention. It’s important to know it’s impact and measures needed to protect your pool from the harsh winter elements. So if you are asking, “Does snow affect my above-ground pool?,” we are here to share a few tips.

Advance Preparation is Crucial

During freezing temperatures, you can breathe easy because you’ve taken the necessary steps to winterize your pool pump and water lines. Being proactive will save your pool from unnecessary damage. Remove flexible water hoses, and cap the water line openings. In addition, make sure that your pool chemicals are balanced. Adding winterizing chemicals is also a great idea. Simply broadcast these chemicals by walking around the pool and letting your pump circulate the water.

Does snow affect my above-ground pool? Here’s your “let-it-snow” checklist!

Choosing to use a pool cover is a wise decision when it comes to protecting your above-ground pool. Before putting on your pool cover, lower the water level so that you can remove the pump. Drain the water to between 3 to 6 inches below the skimmer. This will help the cover not to sag, preventing tears and breakage of the pool cover in the event of snow. If the cover sags due to snow load, the water in your pool can  provide the support your cover needs to bear up under the snow’s weight for a little while until you can clear some of the snow off. Never completely empty your above-ground pool in order to prevent potential structural damage. 

Heavy snow must be cleared quickly. A sagging cover full of snow and ice will eventually be unable to hold the weight of the load. While you may be thinking how much damage can powdery snow have on your pool, just 10 inches of snow spread across your cover can weigh hundreds of pounds. This can cause the cover to pull on the walls of your pool, collapsing it inward with the weight of the stress.

If you see that snow is accumulating on your pool cover, it might be tempting to grab your snow shovel. But don’t! Any sharp or pointed edge of a shovel or yard tool can damage your above-ground pool cover. Your best bet is to use a leaf blower and/or a broom to whisk away the whiteness. Any melted snow should be removed with a pool cover pump. Using the combination of a blower and broom every few hours can help prevent damage to your pool and cover.

Blow Into Juniper

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