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Does a Fire Table Keep You Warm Enough?

Sure. That new fire table in your neighbor’s backyard looks impressive, but how well does it actually keep you warm? The truth is this: a fire table can, indeed, keep you warm, but be wise with your expectations.

Rating the Heat from Your Fire Table

Also known as a tabletop fire pit, a fire table provides light and warmth, just like any other open fire feature. Its defining characteristic is the decorative central well through which the fire burns through decorative elements such as glass or stone. That’s way more majestic than your typical backyard heater! 

The fire tables we carry at Juniper are made by American Fire Glass™. Gas-powered, and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, the extent to which they heat the ambient air will vary.

Consider their innovative design. They double as a fire feature and a piece of furniture. As such, it’s important that they provide a flame, that while luminous and warm, doesn’t make it feel like your face is melting off when you pull up a chair and rest your glass of cider on it during a crisp autumn evening.

So if you think a fire table will warm you as well as a bonfire in the middle of a snow drift, you may want to temper your enthusiasm a little bit.

If however, you think a fire table will offer you an elegant flame perfect for holding up a friendly conversation (and the occasional roasted marshmallow) on a cool, clear evening on the patio, then you’re in for a real treat. 

Tips for the Best Burn on a Fire Table

With a new American Fire Glass fire table as the centerpiece of your patio, you’re in for some delightful days and nights outdoors. To achieve the best burn, follow these few helpful tips.

Stick to professional-grade fire media.

Your fire table is a premium feature, so don’t just feed it any, old fuel. Stick to American Fire Glass’s specialty fire glass and fire rocks that are crafted to withstand up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

One of the biggest advantages of these materials is that they’re non-combustible. That means that, unlike wood or charcoal, they won’t produce smoke or debris!

Calculate a specific amount of fire media for your table.

Each fire table requires a specific amount of fire media (e.g., glass or stone) to burn properly. That’s why American Fire Glass provides a web-based calculator for fire glass and lava rock. It uses the dimensions of your burner to determine exactly how much product you should use at a time.

Keep the burner covered.

The burner on your fire table should always be completely covered by fire media. A 1/2″ to 1″ base layer is recommended before applying the top layer. An effective strategy is to apply a layer of lava rocks and, then, a layer of glass on top of it.

If the burner isn’t adequately covered, it can permanently damage the burner and burner pan while warping the table. This would void the lifetime warranty on the fire table. 

Include a flame guard in the setup.

Protect your fire from breezy weather by installing a flame guard. This is a glass enclosure that fits around the burner’s perimeter. It creates a barrier between the flame and the wind, keeping your fire warm and bright, even when the occasional gust rolls through.

Where to Find a Beautiful Fire Table

Juniper has a selection of fire tables that will enhance the beauty and function of your outdoor lounge areas. Contact us or visit our store in Appleton, WI today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about fire features or any other outdoor living amenities we carry.

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